Josh Heupel Contract extension


Heupel will be gone in two years.

(Chris) #22

G5’s & P5’s? What is the buyout? It is as simple as that. Heupel could be gone Monday morning & I would not be the least surprised.


If UCF and Josh Heupel agreed to a $12 million buyout if he left within the first 3 years, then maybe UH and our HC and OC and DC should all have the same kind of agreement.

(Tom) #24

Lol, not sure I agree with this last part :point_up:️ after our experience with the last DC.

(Randy ) #25

The problem with big buyouts is they can work against you too. Major had to fire his first two coordinators.

(Dave) #26

Heupel should thank Henderson’s injury in the first half … ELSE … he wouldn’t be getting that nice extension …

Henderson was unstoppable and slicing through the knights like a hot knife through butter … UNTIL he got injured …

Oh well Heupel and UCF will return to terra firma when they face the tigers from LSU … NOT Memphis …


We will know by 2023 if Heupel is a great coach. I can’t imagine he’ll replicate the last two seasons. You think our fanbase has high expectations? Let him lose two games in a row and he’ll have to check under his car every time he wants to drive it. Other than he remembers being fired at OU, I can’t imagine why he’d sign a contract with that kind of buyout. Maybe his wife said she wasn’t moving for a few years.


$12 million damn… That’s steep

(Cristian) #29

12? That’s what I’m talking about. Good on both parties. UCF is what we strived to be this past 3 years. Good on them for not letting people step over them.


The similar situation is what we have and we would be out a heck of a lot more money for donofrio if the buyout was higher.


No, some folks are mistakenly assuming that the amount goes both ways. I seriously doubt that it does.


IMHO, the only program in the country stupid enough to agree to that would be ATM.

However, after they paid ~$10 million to get rid of Sumlin, I doubt that even ATM would make that same mistake again.

(Randy ) #33

I said can. In any event, most coaches won’t sign up for a huge buyout unless there is some skin in it on the other side.

It looks to me that UCF was (he has a new contract now so unsure going forward) on the hook for the total $1.7M/year of Heupel’s contract as it was guaranteed. So firing him after a year would have cost $6.8M. Not as big as he would owe if he left but also not chump change.