Josh Jones - All American


Another great Coog going to the NFL.


IIRC, he didn’t allow a sack all season and graded high every game. Well deserved.

I’m not familiar with Pro Football Focus, but if it has anything to do with the NFL it will add to his draft stature.


They measure advanced metrics for individual positions then post rankings by position throughout the season.

I am pretty sure Josh will go in the first round. Good OL’s are at a premium and he is a really good OL. I just hope his shoulder injury is completely healed by the combine.


Keep an eye on Patrick Paul. If he progresses he could be a future #1 as well.


The first 7 round mock draft of the year from CBS.

Josh Jones goes w 1st pick of 2nd round.

“Josh Jones had a fantastic season at Houston and with 2019 first-rounder Jonah Williams returning from injury in 2020, Cincinnati will have both tackle positions locked up for the foreseeable future.”

Plenty of room to move deep into the 1st w a great combine/workouts for teams.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what % of these mock drafts are anywhere near the real draft when it gets past the #1 pick. When I watch the draft, it seems that the guys on TV, Kiper and the like, are never right.

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Gotta include the “FWIW” with a mock draft.

They get a solid % right on the round but everything else is FWIW as far as the team. (besides a few obvious, early round fits)

On a side note, it is interesting to see that this mock draft is projecting that 8 first round picks (25% of the total first round) will come from one school, Alabama. Does anyone know what the highest number of first round picks has ever come from one school in a year?

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Miami with 6 in 2004 Draft.

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Way to go big man!!!

All-American is banner level good. Something that every Coog fan can celebrate. What a wonderful accomplishment under tough circumstances.


#16 Tampa
CBS had him #33 last week.
What changed?

Jordan Love- the possible transfer to UH at #30.