JUCO/Minny signee CB Kelvin Clemmons commits to Houston

(Jason Lee) #21

Totally the same thing chief. Totally the same thing. Better take from RW below.

(Sam) #22

We know we will have Damarion Williams and Colin Samuel this year as well as freshman Deondre Dansby, who had offers from Arizona State and Colorado. I can’t say how good those players will be, but it’s a pretty safe bet that Williams (led the junior college ranks in interceptions) and Samuel (started several games for UCLA) will be an upgrade over whomever would have started. In addition, we brought in freshman Deondre Dansby, who held offers from Arizona State and Colorado, and we have two talented transfers in Kelvin Clemmons and Marcus Jones, both of whom will be eligible next season. All those players but Samuel will be here for two or more years. Add Jordan Moore and Thabo Mwaniki at safety with juniors Deontay Anderson and Gleason Sprewell, and suddenly the secondary has gone from an area lacking depth and in the case of cornerback, much talent to a position that’s a little shy of loaded. It’s encouraging to see the staff fix glaring problem in such short order.


I’m telling ya people are sleeping on us. UH is at it’s BEST when expectations are MILD. 2015 first year under JUDAS we all knew we had talent but expectations where temper because of some unknown factors.

(Sam) #24

I think we’ll be good. Some act as if we should be content with 7-8 wins. I’m hoping for more, but the schedule is tough and may keep us from a big year. Still, I think we’ll have the best QB and offense in the conference. I feel the defense will be somewhere in the middle of the pack nationally. My expectation is winning the division, but I could see more depending on how good UCF is without Milton. If we’re going to have a special season the game to watch is Washington State. If we can win that one we could get to double-digit wins. Aside from UCF, the toughest conference games—Memphis, Cincinnati, SMU, and Navy—are in Houston.


Great job by the staff realizing a weakness and addressing it. We’re facing too many good offenses this season not to have some players at CB.


Well… With one ship to give right now, let’s make the best of it and get a great player.

(Sam) #27

I think it’s going to be LSU NT transfer Dominic Livingston.


I can see why they’d want him. Seems ideal for NT in the new defense. I think they can also count some to the ‘20 class, so we may not be completely done. IMO the biggest need is OL. Outside of maybe one or two players we simply have no depth.

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Technically we are moving away from a true nose tackle, but this guy fits our need for defensive lineman. There are two defensive tackles and two defensive ends in a 4–3 scheme to make four down lineman. CDH has said we’re moving a four man front, but if you watch film on our DC he mixes it up pretty good, showing a 3-3 at times. Mr Livingston is a space eater and would be nice player in our new scheme.

(09Frontiersmen) #29

Are we recruiting any graduate transfer QB? We could use a backup better than Tune. I hate to say it, but we could improve at this position beyond King. I’m really surprised that Bryson isn’t taking any snaps at QB.

We have been recruiting lineman well lately, but if there’s a war daddy out there let’s get him.


I think UH can be a prime spot for a graduate transfer next year.

(Sam) #31

On occasion, we’ll still see a DL on the nose, and you can bet it’ll be one of the 340 guys. But, yes, the defense will be multiple. We’ll see different fronts and LB and secondary alignments. The focus is creating pressure and mistakes. That is kind of what Orlando and Gibbs tried to do. Of course you give up some big plays, but you also get turnovers and sacks and TFLs if you have decent personnel, and I think we will. Looking forward to seeing the defense.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #32

I like Tune better than you, but do like the “War Daddy"reference.”

(Sam) #33

Yeah, Holgorsen has said he’s been impressed by Tune. I think he could be really good, but we are thin at the position, especially with Smith staying at WR.

(srassen7) #34

Talked to some people that cover USF recruiting and they said it was a huge surprise when he chose Minnesota. He’s a Tampa area kid, so I bet Marquel Blackwell was at least some part of getting him to commit here. I wouldn’t mind getting GA/FL players with some consistency.


Ive heard he has a great chance of earning a waiver due to a family issue.


always enlightening to hear you


I think this situation is typical of college recruiting. Most young men are not savvy enough to know when they are being conned. Young minds are impressionable and are willing to believe whatever someone tells them.

Hopefully he has that information in writing somewhere as evidence to the NCAA.

(Monte P Gilliam) #38

Outstanding example of what a really good coaching staff can do…WE are blessed. Cant wait for the CDH era to begin.


The media might be sleeping on us but I’m sure OU and WAZZU are not. That would be the worst embarrassment for OU is for a so called G5 team to come to their stadium and beat them.

(Mike Higdon) #40

Here’s a guy from right here in Houston that had a really long list of offers dotted by a lot of power teams, seems like everyone offered him – everyone but UH that is. I don’t understand why not.