Jumpman Coming to FB next?


Dana looking all cleaned up, healthy, and energized.

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There are no G5 football Jumpman sponsorships currently I believe.

Why not be the first!


In 2016 michigan university introduced the new jumpman uniforms for the football team. He says in the video only one team per conference has jumpman.

Oklahoma over UT. Wow.

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One in each conf are Jordan Brand

UCLA (Next year)

Houston (AAC)
San Diego State (MWC)
Georgetown (Big East)

Also why does our Jumpman look like a small iron-on patch when every single other Jumpman is larger and looks stitched into the jersey?

Might have to do with the jersey cut. I don’t pay a ton of attention to other schools, but the shoulders in our jerseys seem super narrow. That might have made a sewn-on patch unfeasible.

Maybe if we win some damn games :joy::joy:


Has anyone posted this yet?


Clearly an April Fool’s joke, but I really wish it wasn’t.


Funny april fools joke, but…
I read through the Twitter replies and I’m a bit amazed at the amount of people saying they actually think the astroworld uniforms would be cool.
A lot of them look too young to have ever gone to astroworld. I know Travis Scott did the whole Astroworld concert fest thing but as far as it’s appeal, I just don’t understand it.

Definitely one of those “too good to be true” ideas.

Huge missed opposed or us. The number of players across the country (and especially in Houston) that would want to wear an Astroworld uni would be UNREAL.

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Because of Travis Scott’s album?


This is it. Confirmed. Jordan for football :sunglasses:

Is he trying to flirt with the Jordan people or is he actually hinting that it’s a done deal?

I think he is just flirting


would be neat if we did. imagine since our BB team is jumpman it helps?

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