Just finished watching the Scott Frost press conference


That’s how you’re supposed to leave a team. With class and dignity. Was still hard to watch, but damn that man deserves all the respect he gets.

(Brad) #2

Big Herm and Fisher are both massive douches.


From all reports, he was focused on the task at hand and didn’t change the weekly routine at all during this. Because of the way he left, UCF fans are understanding and wish him luck. He did it the best way as you possibly can, unlike UH coaches who were in similar situations.

(Brad) #4

Gotta give Nebraska some respect too. Baylor, TAMU and UT could care less (maybe even purposefully) about the bowls and championships they sabatoged for us.

(Chris) #5

You could not be more correct. Nebraska played by the rules. The others had potential recruits in mind. They sabotaged us and continuously do so with our exclusion from the small12 or potentially the SEC.
Please notice that out of the three institutions mentioned two of them speak greatly of higher morals.
Their actions speaks for themselves. You include uta and other small12 members in that garbage disposal and you realize that we are not talking education, sports but big business. Current or past students have to understand why we are in the AAC and why we despise atm and uta. Our passion for U of H and attending games will get us over the hump.

(Ben B) #6

This show of honor and respect will have me rooting for Nebraska and Scott Frost.

(Patrick) #7

(Chris) #8

The same McMurphy

I do not believe one word they are writing. The small12 fiasco and how we were used sums it up.

(Trent) #9

Source: Herman and Fisher “have so much respect for the Houston Cougars,” announce annual 3 way football/basketball series w/UT, TAMU, UH, called Republic of Texas Trophy, like CIC for mil academies.

See,I can make up sourced news too!

(Paul Marlow) #10

I agree with Frost that the coaches should not be put in this position and teams/ players having to deal with this issue DURING the season to include bowls.

I also wonder what the American conference can do because a good coach in this league only lasts 2 years. At some point, the turnover could impact the league.

(Nathan) #11

Frost is a Nebraska man. Nebraska is the classiest program in the country. Their fans are amazing. Nothing but respect for either one of them.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #12

I liked Scott Frost when he was interviewed during the UH game last year. Remember thinking that guy came across as a genuinely good guy who was a straight talker. Not gimmicky like some (like our coaching staff was, unfortunately), just a football coach. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely liked the results Herman produced, but was also getting tired of his gimmicks - which became worse as his faux anger surrounding questions about theTexas job became laughable.

Living in B1G country and following football up here, I knew the second Frost was doing well, that Nebby fans would be clamoring for him to come home. He’s coming home, and hopefully Nebraska will be a force again.

Good for Scott.


It probably helps UCF fans like him because the day he walks out he leaves them with a Peach Bowl unlike Herman who left us after weeks of lies, speculation, and team under performance.

(Butch) #14

And this is the very reason IMO that folks like Briles, Sumlin and Herman scooted out early. As far as UCF goes IMO Frost is doing himself and resume a favor by coaching the game…and one other thing, losing Herman to nearby once rival Texas absolutely crushed our fan base…losing Frost to far away Nebraska is not the same as us losing Herman or Sumlin or Briles to enemy camps.
That said, let’s see how well Frost does at Nebraska. Someone will step into a nice situation at UCF…