Just got back from Kansas

Yes they support K-State and Kansas but what a gawdawful pit of state.

  1. I wanted to get a cashiers check. Well how can you do that when the entire state
    is devoid of any nationwide bank. There is NO Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, WellsFargo etc.
    Only local banks which WON"T give you a cashiers check unless you are a member. I’ve never
    heard of a state devoid of nationwide banks but there it is KANSAS.
  2. The entire state of Kansas is 1/5 the size of Texas yet these yokels think the state of Texas
    has too many schools.
  3. The state looks like Texas - Flat without the charm, the restaurants or the Gulf etc. of Houston. What am I saying, they don’t even meet the population of Greater Houston.
  4. F*em. JMHO

Having lived in Nebraska for 6 years and having to drive through Kansas multiple times as I went back and forth to Houston, I can say this: The best thing about Kansas was the Kansas Turnpike. Allowed you to traverse the state without ever having to get off of it (food and gas were in center “rest stops”). Never had an interest in ever stopping and seeing the “sites” along the way.

When you left did you get to say …

We’re not in Kansas anymore … Toto …” :innocent:

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Kansas sucks so bad their best city is in Missouri.


Weird fact but true… All birds fly upside down over Kansas. Well, you know…:sunglasses:

I don’t think they still do it but back in the day you used to have to be a ‘member’ of a restaraunt/club in order to get an alcoholic drink. Many a poor waiter was chastised for this which was beyond their control.

Flat is an understatement… here is Mt. Sunflower, the state’s high point (no, really)…

Here is Guadalupe Peak, the high point in Texas… they don’t look the same to me :slight_smile:

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They’ve got good college basketball. I think KU has an 80% acceptance rate. I believe that, and KSU, are ultimate fall backs if all else fails.

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I guess you have not been to the premier attraction in the state…the world’s largest ball of twine. Now that is something to be proud of. You just have no sense of respect.:wink:

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If you want to cherry-pick, sure. But topographically speaking, Texas is just about as flat as Kansas.

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I always chuckle when folks from Houston talk about how flat Kansas is. The KC area has nice rolling hills. Houston on the other hand is a pancake. Now, when you get 100 miles West of the Missouri boarder fuggetabout it. You can practically see Colorado its so flat and you can go miles at a time without seeing trees.

I have spent time in Kansas (Ft Riley) and time in Oklahoma (Ft. Sill) and I will take Kansas every time. That said, I will take Texas over any other place in the World and If I die and am buried outside of Texas, I want Texas soil to be sprinkled over me in my casket.


Don’t worry, we’ll tell them you’re sleeping and bring you back home.

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I lived just outside Kansas City, Kansas for one year. Kansas City is literally the ONLY interesting part of the state, and that’s more Missouri than Kansas. The rest of Kansas is boring, almost featureless prairieland, with almost nothing to do.

We needn’t be jealous of them!

Thank you.

There are only some parts of Texas that are flat and Houston happens to fall in one of the flat areas. Central Texas to the west to El Paso is all hills and mountains. Shit there are canyons not to far from Amarillo and in southwest Texas in Big Bend Region (which I highly recommend visiting).

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