Just noticed

(Russel ) #1

Ole miss who played tech week 1 gave up 630 yards of total offense and 38 first half points to Southern Illinois. It might not mean a whole not but I think we’re comparable in speed\scheme on offense and probably a whole lot better on defense.

Obviously every game is different but I like where this is trending.

(Patrick) #2

Definitely a good sign, although, Southern Illinois is one of the better offenses in FCS…they did score 31 on Memphis last year.

If our offense is humming, though, I can’t see Tech stopping it. Need to limit turnovers and hopefully our defense can play somewhat like last year when we limited Tech’s scoring.


I wonder how much our WRs have worked on catching deep balls this week. If it turns out to be a sunny day, they’re going to have to fight the sun in their eyes to make catches.

(Russel ) #4

Your right! Tech is going to be at home pumped and ready to go. They know how important a win will be for their season. It will interesting to see how our boys react to the enviornment. I dont thing weve played in a road enviornment like this since 2015 at Louisville? Not sure how many guys we have on the team that played meaningfull snaps that game.