Just thinking out loud...Armoni Brooks

If he had played one more year, we would have had a great shot of being undefeated. Remind me…where is he at now? The team was counting on his leadership. 5 losses by a combined 7 points total and most of those we had the last shot. Next year will be a different story!


Armoni is right here: Armoni pursues his NBA dream


He should have stayed, but he also probably gets called up from the G League to the Hawks’ main roster before the NBA season is over. He could have definitely upped his draft stock, but he’s been putting up some impressive box scores as of late, too.


He’s taking the bird in the hand instead of the two in the bush.

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He’s making ~100k this year playing in the G league and doing very well to put himself in position to get a two way at some point soon or next year or a lucrative paying gig over seas next year.

Based on looking at his twitter feed just now it looks like he’s in love and went to Turks and Caicos with his girl recently on a trip he probably couldn’t have done if he was playing here.

There are reasons it could have made sense to stay but this OP is a bad look. I’d give it a rest.


He made the best choice for himself all things considered.


Highlight reel is crazy. We’d have been top 10 if he stayed. He has really grown this year. Proud of him.


Yeah we would definitely have at least tied for conference championship with him. Probably would not have gone anywhere in the AAC or NCAA tourney tho


No matter what…we STILL wouldn’t have made the NCAA Tournament.



Look at Baylor and Dayton their years were ruined

At the same time, perhaps it would have slowed the progression of our stud freshmen from this past season due to less playing time. With their experience this season, the team is better suited to go even further next season.


Hadn’t really thought about how the COVID-19 situation impacted Armoni but looks like he made the right decision after all.

Did not miss the 2020 AAC Tournament / NCAA Tournament.
Won’t have to worry about workouts for teams during this.
Got a year’s salary under his belt.


He did what he thought best and it turned out fine. I wish him all the best.

I thought this thread could have been about
Ed Sheeran-- musician-- big Hit-- “Thinking out Loud” ! Sorry little bored w/o my Sports.


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