Just watched ESPNs 30 for 30 on UH vs NC St


What is this thing you call “March 1983”? I’ve blotted that out of my calendar (that, and November 1990).

Win those 2 games, and we would have been national champs in both basketball and football (when we lost to Texas in 1990, we were 3rd in the country). The 2 teams ahead of us both lost their bowl games).

(Ben) #22

State was not the only team sitting on the ball in the last 5 . . . . . Always hated the 4 corners game, and that was the perfect example as to why . . . . . It was a long trip on icy roads back from Albuquerque . . . . . I personally wish they would highlight the Louisville game . . . . .


Same thing could of been said about Devin Davis against Michigan. Actually, we needed only one free throw. Poor guy, imagine the pressure he was feeling.

(Mike Higdon) #24

Too bad they didn’t have the double bonus then. Franklin missed 10 straight front ends of one and ones in the last minutes.


To this day I never understood why nobody was on the guy that grab the ball and dunked it at the end?


Yeah, but freethrows should be automatic. In middle school I started to focus in on that. By practicing I was able to shoot them one handed. Why do college and NBA players struggle with that I will never understand. You have to practice on your own if you want to get better. DD should have hit those free throws and we would probably made the Final Four…


It was because of the trap Coach Lewis went to. Anders attempted steal created a five on four. I think Akeem went to block out Thurl Bailey and that left Lorenzo Charles a path to the rim.


Should of played them straight up. Even coach Lewis wasn’t perfect.


I think fatigue plays a role in it.


Thanks for the correction. Sometimes I get lazy in the details.

What I was trying to say was that we failed in 6 attempts in Final Fours to win a championship. With that in mind, we’re 0-3 in championship games (two in the NCAA, one in the NIT).


Exactly. A little basic box out would have been the difference.