Justin Johnson Leaves for Baylor



LOL. I definitely don’t get the impression that Holgorson is easy to get along with. He just needs to win, and no one will care.


I suppose it’s possible that he didn’t really want to coach TE and was interested in going back to coaching RBs, along with a likely raise and longer contract.

Hopefully, Baylor will stick with this commitment, as opposed to when they pulled his scholarship offer back in 2007.

How long has Carrier been with Dana?


He doesn’t seem like the easiest guy to get along with or work for, but Holgorsen sure brought a lot of his WVU staff with him to UH and that wouldn’t have happened if he was miserable to work with.


I don’t think Dana would be that hard to work for. If you don’t like hearing the truth, then I would think you would hate it but if you like someone who shoots straight with you and doesn’t sugar coat it, then it would be perfect.


Exactly. I’m not trying to deflect here, but CDH can’t be the only guy with this personality type that’s maintained a career all these years. Whether or not he’s full of rainbows and soft cotton is inconsequential to what’s most important. We need to win. People should save negative assumptions and rumors about his personality for people who hate UH.

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Honestly if he wins I hope he is difficult because that makes blue bloods far less likely to hire him away.

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I honestly doubt he’s going anywhere. I look at him like CKS; he has everything he needs in Houston, this point in his career. Expectations will be slightly lower as well.

Guys, there’s way too much drama about a guy leaving for another job. I would imagine he left for more money – it happens everywhere. I know of many guys over the years that have left the companies I’ve worked for to make more money or get a better position or just to go to a location they preferred. Companies, and universities, have total budgets and can’t always match the money it takes to keep a guy they really want, and who would have stayed if the money was matched. It’s the way the world works.

I understand that people like to keep alumni, but men have to do what is in the best financial interest of their families. I don’t think that is a hard concept to grasp. This crap about CDH being hard to work for or the guy was about to be fired is pure BS. CDH is all business as a coach and he tells it like it is; people who need to be coddled aren’t in the coaching business, at least for long.

BTW, his home town is Richardson, TX just north of Dallas – considerably closer to Waco than Houston.




Don’t really care that people don’t get a long with a coach. It’s never been an issue for Saban.

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That’s 3 coaches who have left…

I know Gideon and Johnson (both left for P5 opportunities). Who is the 3rd?

I think the last guy was the offensive recruiting coordinator who got canned

Uhh like them or not they’re Big Town stuff over there right now. Footbal – play or 2 from going to play CFB Semi-Finals, MCBB – Ranked #1 for several weeks now , WCBB-- Ranked #2. Can’t deny the success they are having.


2 coaches that have most likely been offered considerably more money.
Hmmmm… I wonder what factored into them leaving?
What could it be?
My first logical thought is that it would be the coach.


Not denying success, but when you get home, where you live, shop, drive, etc…is what I am talking about. I can’t do that stuff again money or no. I realized for me, that living in an area like that isn’t my cup of tea. He may like it. Just speaking for myself. Sometimes you must make the move to see if you will like it. We have Coogfans and on this board that love the country living, and that is ok.

Successful programs in Small Towns don’t change that for me.

He played there during my time at houston. He used to come over my place when he was being recruited. He was a very nice guy, humble, respectful and hardworking. He had a brother that was being recruited by Houston too. Not sure what happened to him.

Good luck to him. Good to see coogs climbing and getting the opportunities.

Man, am I starting to really dislike Baylor.


I hate Baylor but people go where the money is. Coaching tenures are relatively short. What if Renu cans Dana after three years. There you go…back on the street.

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