Karen Fredgaard - All-American!


Amazing how Chadwell keeps reloading with his squad. Lost our arguably best golfer last season and then go out and pick up Fredgaard. Great coach and I live his fire when talking about the qualifier debacle.

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But now he is off to A&M. We’ll see who the Coogs get to replace him.

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Did this just break?? We just got a big donation a few months ago to up pay for the women’s coaching position.

Edit: Nevermind, saw the other thread.

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Yesterday. They told the team the night or afternoon before. The $1M donation? I thought that was an overall investment in the program and not necessarily for any one items such as coach’s salaries.

Yeah, since it was set up as an endowment and the head coach position was named after the giver, I am assuming a good chunk went to raising the coach salary.

We should make an offer to Stacy Lewis. Divide and conquer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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