KB offense break down vs Navy

(Cristian) #1

1st and 10 first play, 3 receivers wide and showing blitz

All recievers are man to man and the RB has an open lane to go straight

Picks up 15 yards and ups the tempo. 1st and 10 from 35. 3 receivers lined up on right.
I cant tell what navy was doing but they look confused. 2 receivers are open at this point.

Throws to double coverage and out of bounds. Receiver wasn’t fast enough

2nd and 10 from 35.

Flag due to offsides by Navy

2nd and 5. 73 is supposed to cover the RB to run left.

Gets stopped at the 40

3rd down snap is high

recovers at 15

at this point navy scored TD and is up 7

Reciever runs a good route and hold back just before the first down. QB throws short and WR drops ball after being tackled for IP

I cant tell what happened here but everyone was covered and WR didnt turn around im guessing because he didnt know that ball was for him

Defender got through but QB managed to make the throw and picked up the first down.

Most of their faults are their own but Navy is pressuring enough or maybe its first game jitters?

Now for everyones favorite of the 2017 season. Motions receiver for the swing pass for no gain.

Positive play pass for 6 yard gain. 3rd and 4th next play.

RB looks like is going to take it. Does the fake and throws it the receiver for 1st down. Was almost picked off.

1st and 10 receiver up the middle to the 30 for 1st down

QB play action and pass towards motioned receiver

Snap is to high but RB recovers it.

My personal favorite play of the quarter

QB goes for the pass. The TE goes for the block fakes the block and is Wide Open. Pass is complete. He falls on the 10.

Pass to high for receiver. 2nd and goal

Running play for no gain 3rd and goal!

Slant pass to motioned RB and stopped for no gain. Finish drive on a field Goal.

End of 1st quarter.


For me, this is the most anticipated off season in recent memory. If CKB is able to duplicate the offensive success he had at Baylor and FAU with our talent base, we’re going to rock’n roll in the AAC.

(sarkcoog) #3

I am excited as well. Keep in mind as CMCoog17 is showing by breaking down the offense from the Navy game that FAU struggled at first with the offense through the first two games before really getting it going. (Granted the games were against Navy and Wisconsin.)

(Cristian) #4

Yeah thats what i was trying to illustrate. That against good defenses the offense struggled. I just dont like bad surprises so my thing was id rather see if it was bad offense/plays or good defense or bad execution by the players. In this case against our own rival Navy from what i saw it was a mix of bad execution and good defense. but, that can be due to alot of things i believe.

(sarkcoog) #5

Historically, the offense has done just fine against all kinds of defenses. What I understand is great about it is it is not overly complicated but can attack you both running & passing depending on what is the strengths of the opponents defense. Of course, you have to have players to execute.

You picked the first game of the season with a team running the offense against an opponent for the first time. You can practiced against yourself but often you really don’t see teams start getting comfortable until they have a chance to execute against another team’s offense. Looking at their schedule last year, looks more like they were in a learning phase over the first three or four weeks.

Back in the 80’s when Pardee and Jenkins installed the run-n-shoot, it took pretty much half the season for the players to get truly comfortable in the offense. Not that I think it will take that long with KB’s offense.


If we can avoid turnovers during the first part of the season, it will be huge - the Baylor offense always seemed to struggle with that when they had a new QB. If King is the guy, he did a good job of taking care of the ball and he’s a sharp guy, so that’s a good start.

The biggest factor determining early success is going to be the OL. They need to get up to speed quickly and lead the way in the spring.


FAU didn’t have the correct QB playing in the Navy game.

(sarkcoog) #8

True statement and part of the learning curve with a new team and players.

Cannot always judge performance based on practice. Joseph & Keenum for example. Joseph looked good in practice when he could not be hit. But blitz him in the game and he got flustered.

Pardee and Jenkins did not have the right quarterback playing in the run-n-shoot initially going with Dacus, and Powers before settling on Ware.