Keenum enters the booze business!


Wine is God’s own elixir while whiskey is the devil’s brew. Beer is just sour carbonated water with a little antiseptic thrown in. :innocent:

Don’t hate me, I drink all three.


you must try the Saloon Door Stouts and Porters. The brewery is in Webster just off the freeway.

Nothing sour about their beers

What’s Tequila?

The article says Kennan instead of Keenum multiple times…looks like Austin Elrod is also a part owner.

There is more money in beer. Plus wineries (at least in Texas) for the most part don’t grow their own grapes they buy them from Northwest Texas, California and Washington. They may have an estate wine but most of their wines are not their own grapes.

So I’ve heard.

In fact, I’ve heard one local winery owner say that TX wineries that have vines out in their yards mostly have them there “for show,” and that given the sheer number of grapes needed to produce even one bottle, nearly all local wineries bring their grapes in, as you say, from out of state.

The three ways to make alcohol are distilled (whiskeys and spirits) fermented (wines) and brewed (beers).

I meant if you had a saying for it. Lol

:grinning:one te[quote=“CMCoog17, post:9, topic:24314, full:true”]
I meant if you had a saying for it. Lol

one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor


It’s just another non-bourbon spirit. Not all are as bad as Scotch and tequila has it’s place, usually in the back of my liquor cabinet until the rare occasion my wife wants a Margarita. My preference is Bourbon, Tennessee Sour Mash (Jack Daniels which is commonly mistaken for Bourbon), and Crown Royal.

Edit: I had misused daiquiri for Margarita on original post.

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I second that!

Haak winery, for those that haven’t been to it, is a very fun tour with a solid wine selection.

I am going to guess Grape Creek?

As one who has meandered the divine bourbon trail in Kentucky, my vote is bourbon all day, but not everyday. That’ll kill ya! :slight_smile:

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When my knees start hurting really bad, bourbon is the best thing to relieve the pain. That’s a fact, not joking at all. The amount it takes varies with the degree of pain.


Sweet liquor eases the pain.

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