Keep an eye on San Diego State

(Jimmy Morris) #1

If San Diego State holds on against Stanford, we will probably have to go undefeated to pass them in the final rankings.

(David) #2

How good is Stanford? They beat Rice and lost to a USC team that struggled to beat UT. So early in the season. Hopefully these things work themselves out over the course of the season. We will learn more about our Coogs next week

(Jimmy Morris) #3

I think USC is still a top 25 team. We know that Orlando defenses have a history of coming up big against top 10 offenses. His defense shut down USC’s run game and got a couple of key turnovers against the pass.

The one good thing that could come from that, is if Orlando has a good year, he may be a one and done and take a couple of defensive assistants with him.

(Patrick) #4

USC is really good.

Herman’s a great motivator, especially when his team is the underdog. He was finally able to do his thing this week and they almost pulled off the upset. Wouldn’t be surprised if they upset OU or OSU. Question on Herman will be when they play Iowa State or Kansas after a few wins.

(Tom) #5

I think lots of football to be played.

(Tom) #6

I think this team spent so much energy trying to win this game. They will be exhausted , may get up a game or two, but I don’t see them beating the Sooners or Okie.

(Patrick) #7

Maybe. Tough to tell what those kids will do. A lot of our success that first year was built on beating Louisville and the players buying in after that. Lot of our issues last year were built on trying to be undefeated and having our souls sucked out by that loss to Navy (and the coach giving up on them).

Stanford now up, but SDSU driving. 17-13 in the 4th.

(Patrick) #8

Aztecs miss the field goal with 10:05 remaining.

Good game on ESPN right now between Cal and Ole Miss. 17-16 Cal early in the 4th.

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #9

Stanford plays their style power game. They might pull this out

(Jimmy Morris) #10

I’m almost wanting San Diego State to win, just to have another team push us to go undefeated. I won’t be upset if San Diego State loses though. :grin:

(Patrick) #11

Lights go out in the stadium with 3:58 to go and SDSU driving. Currently trying to get them back on.

(Patrick) #12

SDSU TD with 1:02 to take the lead, 20-17.

(Patrick) #13

Stanford picked on the first play to end the game. Aztecs get the win.

Big game next week in Colorado Springs against Air Force.

(Chris) #14

SDSU is the real deal. Their pro offense has been molded and perfected since Rocky Long took over. Stanford knew coming in that they were in for a dog fight. If you look at the time of possession this is even a bigger win. This is the biggest win for them in decades. Now you have to consider the following. SDSU is very much like U of H. Great local talents but they are being blocked by USC, UCLA, UA and ASU from joining the PAC12. Just like us they get 3rd or even 4th to 5th options recruits. Hats off to Rocky Long. He is a class act and a great Teacher.
I am pulling for both if us to go undefeated. This is what the P5’s and CFP do not want. Public opinion will be screaming. Memphis beating UCLA is also huge for all of us G5’s.

(Ricky ) #15

why isn’t Rocky Long pursued for Power 5 jobs? He’s had two very good seasons and it looks like he’s on his way to another. But I haven’t heard his name mentioned when it comes to vacancies

(Chris) #16

He is a lot older than most Coaches (67) He loves his job at SDSU. He was pursued a few years ago for the NFL and some lower P5 jobs. This is probably his last stop. No one can be sure but I would be surprised.

(Chris) #17

By the way, 43k is not a great attendance considering the hype behind the game. However, It sure reinforces the point that they need a new 40k seats stadium.

(Patrick) #18

Agree with you on his age. Most P5’s aren’t going to hire a 67 year old coach without a national championship resume. When he left New Mexico, he had been rumored to get picked up by Washington or Oregon State, but they decided to go in a different direction. He also doesn’t play the coaching rumor game which means guys like Pete Thamel and others aren’t putting his name out there like they did Herman last year. Long’s a straight shooter and will give you an answer when asked

Only rumor I can find recently about Long is a return to New Mexico as the Athletic Director, but he denied that one.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Where did you get that attendance number?

(Patrick) #20