Kelvin Sampson: "I think the better our conference is the more 20 games helps you."

Coach Sampson believes a 20-game conference schedule could be beneficial going forward beyond this season – with a caveat.

"I think the better our conference is the more 20 games helps you. If the conference isn’t as good, then, I think you’re better off using your out of conference games to boost up your NET rating. So, the better our conference is the more it makes sense to have 20 games like the ACC, for instance, that’s a 20-game conference.

"Look at their conference. Every game is a Quad 1 game. The more Quad 1 games you have; for instance, a determining factor for me in playing in the tournament in Orlando with those guys is win or lose our they’re all Quad 1 games. And, if you have NCAA Tournament aspirations, scheduling like that helps you.

“I spend a lot of time with scheduling. This is my seventh year (at Houston); and, every year we’ve had a great schedule. We’ve had the right schedule every year. We’ve never not scheduled the right way. Like this year. This is a good schedule. Next year’s schedule will be the right schedule whatever it is. It’ll be the right schedule; so, we really pay attention to that.”


“We do a good job of scheduling,” said the man responsible for making the schedule.


I saw that on YouTube. Kind of puts the pressure on the conference to maintain a high level of play.

I probably missed it but I’m assuming all of the early season tournaments have been cancelled, right?

no, they are most all still on…

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Really? I would have thought those would be the first to go. Good news!

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