Kelvin Sampson: "...Our graduation rate is high because of the kind of kids that we recruit..."

Sampson says team has a perfect APR score of 1000…


I have been very happy with the type of kids CKS has recruited to rep our university. Our graduation rate is as impressive as our results on the court. This is yet another reason to be proud of our team and coaching staff.


Very impressive…and that’s something that you would historically expect at Rice or Stanford, and not here.

Basketball tends to be one of the sports that brings down an AD’s GPA/graduation rates, so great to see this while competing at a high level.


But, wouldn’t the grad rate go down with players leaving early for the NBA?

Not if they continue to work towards their graduation.

Having said that, I would like to know what Kentucky’s APR is. They must be recruiting some eggheads for the end of the bench to boost the average.

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APR is Academic Progress Rate.

CougarFred is correct. As long as players show progress toward graduation, the APR isn’t negatively impacted.

Players going to the NBA doesn’t hurt the APR, as long as the players left college in good academic standing.


Thanks! Didn’t know all of that.

I am as proud of this accomplishment as any other our program has accomplished under coach Sampson…Now I would like our smarty pants to make even more noise at the Big Dance this year!


Sampson has truly done an amazing job here…in ALL aspects of program development and management.


No, it’s based on every player. 1000 is a perfect score

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That’s an amazing fact, especially when our program was among the worst in the nation and on the verge of being barred from the postseason when APR was implemented.