Kelvin Sampson restoring the shine to UH basketball

(Patrick) #1

“I don’t speculate,” he said. “I don’t daydream. I don’t wonder. I go day to day. I live in the moment.

“My practice plan today said ‘transition defense.’ It doesn’t say ‘NCAA Tournament’ or who we would like to play or what our seed is. It says ‘transition defense.’ That’s all I care about today.”


He is the most important coach since Lewis and Yeoman. God please don’t strike me down for saying this but he maybe more important than those two.

Its not that he is a good coach, we have had those. Its the program built around hard work overcoming your deficiencies and lack of god given talent that makes him the most symbolically aligned coach with the students and alumni of this great university EVER. His genius is not that he invented an offense or that he is the most gifted recruiter. He just out works everyone and expects his players to do the same. He is the University of Houston!!!

(jim) #3

This is truly the hallmark of U of H grads. Hardscrabble men and women who succeeded by outworking everyone else. I like to think I was one of those.