Kendal as a recruiter


2014 Big-12 Football Recruiter Rankings

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Kendal Briles
Offensive Coordinator
Total: 6 Avg: 89.78 Pts: 71.78 Baylor

As a former high school quarterback recruit, and now the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Bears, what are some of the characteristics you look for in a quarterback?

Briles: You want a guy that is extremely competitive and a winner. You like to have a winner. This doesn’t mean a guy who always plays on the best team, but a guy who helps find ways to win for his team if he’s not on the most talented team. A guy who finds a way to win and is a multi-sport athlete mixes well with a lot of people in various sports. And we like a guy that also has athleticism, obviously. If you find guys with those characteristics, then you will have to fight off a lot of people to sign him.

(Monte P Gilliam) #2

cant wait for him to start recruiting for us…

(Patrick) #3

Already out there. Big reason why Tune committed.