Keys to the Game: Memphis at Houston

(Patrick) #1


In Houston’s four wins they’re plus-five in turnovers, in their two losses they’re minus six. Kyle Postma, who was brought into the starting quarterback role to eliminate turnovers, has struggled to hang on to the ball. Houston’s offense is struggling and handing back possessions isn’t the cure. Houston needs to be ahead in the turnover battle to win Thursday night.

(Patrick) #2

Memphis is tied for 9th in the country in turnover margin.

USF is 1st
UCF is 4th
Tech 6th
SMU tied for 7th
Tulane tied for 9th
Memphis tied for 9th
Tulsa tied for 31st
Arizona tied for 34th
Houston tied for 78th
Temple tied for 97th
Navy tied for 106th
ECU tied for 110th
Rice tied for 128th

(Butch) #3

I liked it a lot better when our defense was creating turnovers, especially the ones that turned out to be Cougar touchdowns…lol

(Bryant Hargrave) #4

Keys to the game:

Memphis has a good offense. We will have to have our offense try to not suck. Though there is only a 25% chance of that.

Our defense, will have to not be beyond bland and pray Ed Oliver covers up our predictability.

(Butch) #5

Memphis and SMU are the two best offenses we have faced to date. We gave up a lot of yardage to the Ponies but held them in the red zone. Hope we can do the same against the Tigers. Our lack of pass rush has been hurting us against passing teams…

(CoogNation_14) #6

I will be there all game, but our offense will be another … Show.

I wish there was something we can do. :thinking: What are the walk on rules? Maybe I can send in an app for OC.

(Tom) #7

Knowing Houston”s history, watch UH dismantle #25 Memphis on national TV and set their eyes on #16 USF next week.
Navy plays #13 Notre Dame before they come to Houston and btw UCF is still ranked.
Peach Bowl verses Ohio State, technically still a possibility. Called it here first !

(Patrick) #8

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

It’s really not, or to losses aren’t going to hold up against SDSU’s one. We need a lot of help from the outside and a massive gain in offense from within because with the offense now, we’re going to lose at least one or two more