Khator's climb



UH has risen due to her leadership, all without the PUF. I am grateful

(Albert) #3

It’s good to have stability in that role. Plus she’s always been so proactive. She embraced our University full of enthusiasm as if it was her own alma mater and not just a stepping stone job.

(Mike Higdon) #4

Her leadership has advanced UH to levels beyond what were once considered unattainable levels we only dreamed of. She is the best thing to happen to UH in the 42 years I’ve been a student and alumnus.

(Chris) #5

Are you kidding me?

“The same could have been said for Khator’s ambitions when she started as the University of Houston’s president and system chancellor in 2008, promising to turn what was long-denigrated as “Cougar High” into a nationally recognized research university.”

Are you kidding me?
I don’t care how she can be portraying Mrs. Khator or how nice. What kind of intro is this? Coming from the chrosh#$%hole this is not a coincidence.

Long denigrated as cougar high by whom? Who invented it? chronicle staffers, some uta or atm alums? We did not exist before 2008? WTF???

(PMM) #6

The HC is playing it up because ut needs a new president !!

(Luke P) #7

I have a lot of respect for her. She’s done an excellent job for our university

(PMM) #8

Another biased HC article, focusing on all the wrong things.

Glad I dumped that Liberal RAG years ago !!

(Patrick) #9

That may have been the story that Ms. Khator gave to the author. Khator has mentioned that is how power brokers, and even some on the board, introduced the University to her when she arrived. We didn’t have very good administration from the mid-90’s until Ms. Khator arrived. That has changed considerably under her.

I thought the article was very fair and gave valid reasons as to why the complaints were being made as well as responses to those complaints. The biggest issue is that she’s done what she could to raise the University’s profile while being under the constraints of the Texas Higher Ed funding system. Until that gets fixed, the problems like tuition costs, other system universities lagging behind, etc are still going to exist.

I also know that some of the complaints are being made by some that hold grudges against Ms. Khator…some of those are the same people that were moved out because they were in the way of progress, like the former UH-Victoria president. I don’t give must weight to those complaints.

Still, love the last quote:

“In 2027, the university will complete its (first) hundred years,” she said. “It would be a dream come true to be there for the 100th.”

(Chris) #10

Patrick I understand what you are writing but couldn’t she have have used “Some used unflattering ways to describe the University” By using Cougar High it just reinforces it. Did Mrs. Khator ask her to use it. If it was the case I do not think this was a good idea. I went to School in the late 80’s to mid 90’s. The only ones using that term were a very few rice, uta and atm grads. The local rag keeps using it. That is not a coincidence. Enough already. I grant you the rest of the article was good.


Agreed. They always need to take the cheap shot. Wholly uncalled for.

I found this bit exciting:

Khator says she has no desire to leave. “In 2027, the university will complete its (first) hundred years,” she said. “It would be a dream come true to be there for the 100th.”

She turns 72 in 2027. It mark 20 years at the school. Hoffman was here 18 years (16 as president, 2 as chancellor).


That’s fine, but ours is off limits.

It still hasn’t stopped our climb. All the more reason to be satisfied with Khator.

(Bryant Hargrave) #13

By whom you ask… Every other school in Texas. It’s our denigrating nickname to bear. Just like t-sips/longhorns are soft. Aggies are dumb. Tech is trashy though they live up to it. Rice is a bunch of nerds etc.

We could surpass all the schools on the planet, in everything humanly possible, invent revolutionary products that change the world, and have a trillion dollars endowment. And those old SWC schools could become nuclear test sites. And Texas school alumni woulf still call us Cougar High.


At some point Cougar faithful have to ignore what other people say.


Proud that we were only the 4th university in the entire state of Texas to achieve tier 1 status and the other three were all AAU. We beat Tech, Baylor and TCU. We also beat OU.

(Patrick) #16

Agree with your point.


I think Tech got Tier-1 research status in 2016 (
Dr. Khator has done an awesome job. With a medical school in 2020, AAU is within reach.


yep, that is 4 years after we did. We received the designation in 2012. I agree that the med school will be a strong boost toward our goal of AAU membership. One of our biggest obstacles is that the three schools in Texas that could sponsor us are UT, ATM, and Rice. Not much support there.


As someone that attended UH from 2000-2005 I can tell you that the we are leaps and bounds further under her than before she took over, I remember when classes were full of UT shirts, the campus was a ghost town on weekend and we had trouble keeping enough guys in the fraternity to keep the chapter open. I still occasionally have coworkers and friends call it “Cougar High”, and I, with pride, always tell them you obviously haven’t been there recently, you probably could not get in. We may not like it and the ground work may have started coming into place before she took over, but it is not that far from the truth.

Somebody want to start a thread of Aggie jokes.



It’s the 99% of Aggies that give the other 1% a bad reputation.