Kiffin rumored to go to Arkansas, taking Briles with him

Seen on the Reddit Coaching Carousel post.

rumor so far

Briles also rumored to HC USF according to Tampa Bay Times


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USF would be making a huge mistake. Following Kiffin to Arkansas wouldn’t be a bad move.


If USF hires Kendal Briles as its next Head Coach that most likely means that Art Briles will be their new Offensive Coordinator. Interesting, very interesting!

Working together, Kendal & Art helped Baylor rise up from a bottom feeder into a national Top 5 team!

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But is it wise for Arkansas?

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I think it would be on brand for Arkansas to make another bad hire.


I personally can’t believe that a Hunter is still there…or is he fired ?


A Briles led USF would be extremely potent in the AAC. I do believe that Art and Kendal would be reunited if this happens.

Kiffin is a bad hire all the way around. It would turn Arky from a dumpster fire to an all out firestorm. It would be great to see Kiffin leading an SEC team though. That has entertainment value.


At this point …

Bullwinkle as HC and Rocky as OC would be JUST AS GOOD at porker-ville … with Boris and Natasha as DC …

USF is becoming what SMU was in the '90s … an elephant grave yard for coaches at the end of their careers …

If it happens, do USF players start following King on Twitter? You know since the Brileses would not want to break any rules…

I think Kiffin would be an upgrade. I know nothing about their personnel so I cant say if Briles would have the people he needs to be effective. And even if he does, His offense, I learned the one year he was here, is a gimic. In the SEC, the good teams have the people to not get beat by the tempo. So I think maybe Hogs can get to the middle of the pack, like atm is, with right combo of coaches and players, but not much higher.

This is my take. That and $.79 at Circle K will get you big drink.


So Arkansas could beat SJSU with Kiffin?


I predict yes, in a best of 5 series!


Didn’t Tulsa hire the last hotshot OC and see how that’s going. Same with Texas State.

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Whose quarterback will the steal to take with them ? ? ? ? ?

USF is where Renu came from. That’s a pretty serious academic institution. I think they would be under immense internal pressure to keep Art Briles off campus.

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Might as well, everyone is doing that right now anyway

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