King, Carr and Lark. the future is now

(Nick K) #1

my only question is what took us so long to put this group together


Now they see why we wanted Deriq King to play. He did that to Pearland all the time. Unreal talent.

(Eric Prado) #3

Don’t act like Applewhite didn’t want to play King.

(JFH) #4

I’ve said from the beginning that King was the best to run this offense Go Coogs!

(PortlandCoog) #5

King was hurt in August. But now we have the answer, and maybe the season is saved.


GO COOGS! Nice comeback win.

(Mark) #7

Then what was he waiting for?

(Eric Prado) #8

I guess you’re just arriving, King had been hurt since the bowl game.

(Mark) #9

I could have swore I saw him last week. It was on a small TV in Tennessee, granted, but didn’t he line up at receiver?

(Eric Prado) #10

Who would you rather play? Two QBs with D1 starting experience? Or a guy that hasn’t played a snap at QB in a year.

(Mark) #11

After the Tulsa game something had to change. I’d have run King out there if he could go.

(Eric Prado) #12

You’re right. But all I’m saying is it’s not like Applewhite didn’t like the kid or had something against him. Maybe he was being too protective?

(The Merry Prankster) #13

I wonder if King got a lot more reps in practice this week just in case he was needed.

(Patrick) #14

9 days between starts helps.

(Mark) #15

Same as above, all I can think of is King hadn’t had any reps at QB in practice to that point and thus Major didn’t feel comfortable committing until he did. Could have been a learning experience for both King and Major.

(gpropes) #16

I’m not buying the “lack of practice reps” excuse.

We had 83 yards of total offense at the half, with King at QB for all but the first series. He looked lost, just like a kid who hadn’t had many reps in a while.

Then the light began to go on in the second half. His lack of practice reps didn’t stop him from raising his game.

He just needed to be thrown into the deep end, and to let him figure out how to swim.

(A.R. ) #17

Let’s not forget about David Anenih - I think he’s had a sack in two straight games as a true freshman!!

Beating a ranked team on the road and having the youngsters ballin out is going to do wonders for pissed off coogs this week.


Impressed with Car, thought he was the difference.

(Ricky ) #19

Was he more effective because he’s an overall better runner than Catalon or because king is a legit dual threat QB and they had to respect his running ability?


He sees the field very well. Sloppy field second half, he could just be a mudder.