King for Quarterback

(CoogNation_14) #1

Officially starting a campaign! D’Eriq King for Quarterback. We need more offense to take advantage of our defense. S/O to Dnofrio we all thought he was going to be the questionable coach, but he is calling some great games. …so far


If he was ready he would be playing

(Lance) #3

You trust this offensive coaching staff? lmao

(CoogNation_14) #4

I don’t, but I trust that King can make them look good like GW made cth.


Offense needs some change in a bad way.

(Jerrycoog) #6

It doesn’t matter who is back there its still the same suck system.

(br5exg) #7

King is probably the most explosive WR we have right now. If you move him to QB who do you replace him with?

(Ricky ) #8

The guys I can think of off the top of my head are

  1. Courtney Lark
  2. Jeremy Singleton
  3. Devodric Bynun
  4. And maybe Davion Ford?

I haven’t heard much about Singleton, Bynum, or Ford at all so maybe they aren’t ready to play quite yet

(br5exg) #9

Lark came in as an ESPN300 WR that hasn’t developed and the other guys are true freshmen. My guess is they are not ready.

(Ricky ) #10

Maybe leday? I don’t remember seeing him out there too much on offense since Jefferson came back this week

(CoogNation_14) #11

My arguement is that a true dual threat allow the receivers to create separation. Since our receivers are possession receivers it will work when he is out of the pocket. In addition the threat itself make the db’s second guess themselves for a split second. That split second will create that space to pop one.

(Patrick) #12

I have a feeling King will be starting before the end of the season.

(Brad) #13

If King is moved to starting QB, move postma back to WR.

(Nick K) #14

i did not see anything wrong with postma’s play. he executed well, took care of the ball, and was effective in the first half when they let him throw deep and his runs were also very effective. i thought the offensive play calling in the second half got stupid, seem to forget throwing to dunbar even though it worked in the first half…runs up the gut with catalon, low percentage success…i would not blame the lack of success in the second half on postma…i think king as receiver / runner / throwing back. is the best position.
the temple defense blew up a half back throw he was supposed to do.

if you have issues look to the receivers…multiple offensive pass interference calls again, one was bs…dropped balls…one at least looked like it would have been 6 pts. none of that was on the qb, he put the ball in the right place…but we would wind up in 3rd and long because of receiver play.

ask why we won’t throw over the middle …that’s play calling…

i say stick with postma and fix the other issues.


Postma isn’t a true dual threat??? You have to be a track star to be considered dual threat?

(G.W.) #16

Postma played well all game.
Play calling was horrible in the second half.
We went to clock chewing mode after going up 20-0.
Someone needs to tell CBJ and CMA that this is college ball. You have to continue to score to win.

(CoogNation_14) #17

That is a very good point, the coach keeps talking about the players executing (insert additional coach speak), but a big part of it is the coaches simply asking to little from the players & obviously not innovating to the talent available to them. I am beating a dead horse here, I know.

I agree with you, I would love to see King more involved. I believe that he can impact the offense more as QB given the elementary or super conservative play calls on offense. I wish I could make it out to the coaches show to ask him to innovate on offense.