Kliff Kingsbury New Head Coach

(Robert Swearengin) #1

Of Az Cardinals. Just hit media here


I do not understand this move. At all. Oh well, doesn’t really affect me.

(Dustin K) #3

Failing upward.


Some business guru wrote a book maybe in the 80’s about how it is possible in business to rise so fast you reach the “level of incompetency”. I don’t really follow the pros much but I may keep an eye on this.


Right. It’s called the “Peter Principle.”

I think this principle was already proved when he failed as head coach of Texas Tech… now it seems that AZ wants to prove it again!

I wish him well… does seem like a risky move and maybe an OC role would have made more sense… but what do I know! :smiley:

(Albert) #6

Applewhite to southern cal?

(steve saxenian) #7

Kliff has now replaced Lou Gehrig as the “luckiest man on the face of the earth”.


.”earth, earth, earth”!


Go Kliff. You just burned a coach in Austin.

(gpropes) #10

I have nothing but love for Kliff and hope he kills it out there.

(Ray ) #11

Nfl is all about qb development. Look the amount of really good DCs turned HCs that have been fired the last couple years.

(Ahsan Currimbhoy) #12

Former Coogs head coach Kevin Sumlin is coaching Arizona Wildcats.

His offensive coordinator in Houston is now coaching the Arizona Cardinals.


(Munzell Milluns) #13

Once again, if Kingsbury is taking over the Cardinals shouldn’t Tubberville be taking over the Patriots?


Greg has a ‘Kliff Stiff’.


Good luck Kliff!

(Max Webb) #16

I agree, bonehead hire.


Wish him the best of luck out there. Thanks for all you did for the Coogs while you were here.


Happy for Kliff, way to land on your feet big time! Not many people can say they got fired and traded up. As for the Cards though…sheesh, they just hired a guy as an NFL head coach that I would’ve been unhappy with (mostly) if UH hired him. Head scratching move, seems like they could’ve gotten someone a little more qualified. Hope it works out for em’ though, more power to you I guess…


This seems to be ludicrous, but I’m interested to see what happens.


Why do I get the feeling that Kliff lied on his resume and the Cardinals didn’t check it:

1959 - 1967 - Head Coach Green Bay Packers. Accomplishments include two Super Bowl wins
1967-1969 - Strategic break to grow professionally
1970 - 1995 - Head Coach Miami Dolphins. Accomplishments include two Super Bowl wins and a perfect season.
1996 - Assistant Head Coach New England Patriots
1997-2000 Assistant Head Coach New York Jets
2000-Present Head Coach New England Patriots. Accomplishments include 5 Super Bowl wins and 3 time NFL coach of the year.

“That is a very impressive career Mr. Kingsbury. I can’t ask you your age because of those pesky H.R. rules but I will say that given the length of your resume, you look much younger than your resume would suggest.”

“Thank you, it has been a good ride. But I am excited about the new chapter in my book entitled the Arizona Cardinals. In terms of my age, you know I can’t say how old I am. But the secret to my looking younger than I am is that I have a juicer that makes delicious all natural smoothies and I don’t let the stress get to me. I have found over the course of my 9 Super Bowl wins is that if you hold yourself to the highest standards, there is no stress. The only stress is the self imposed stress of somebody who is driven to be at the pinnacle of his profession and that is not stress, its desire.”

“That is very profound Mr. Kingsbury. I just hope you can produce a fraction of the success here that you have had at other places over the course of your 6 decade career.”