Kliff Kingsbury New Head Coach

(Dan) #21

What kind of staff will Kliff assemble? Hope he can find a Wade Phillips type for DC I’m sure that has helped LA Rams young coach. Also does this make his former staff at Tech more hireable for other college jobs since their guy went to the league now? That’s a lot better look than our guy got fired and took an OC job.


I thought Ringo Star held that title.

(Chip ) #23

This is a Hail Mary by Arizona management to try and develop Josh Rosen. Good Luck!

(Chris) #24

The Cardinals were a mess all season long. This is in part due to their bonehead G.M. The good news for Kingsbury is that he has a solid QB, an outstanding RB, a HOF receiver (Fitzgerald) & a first round draft pick. IMO the main issue is their G.M…like so many other NFL franchises. In case the Cardinals play it right and maximize their first round pick watch out for them in 2019. Kingsbury offense will be a great fit in the NFC West.


Mike singletary is available.

(Kendall Barrett) #26

Luckiest Man…Lou Gehrig and Ringo Starr (a Beatle with Barbara Bach) are pretty good starters…
How about Joe DiMaggio (Marilyn Monroe)…
Now…if Kliffie marries Jennifer Lawrence…

(Ron Derrington) #27

Part of me wants to see Case Keenum as the new QB in AZ, but the reasonable person in me doesn’t want him to be part of a potential train wreck or forfeit his recent payday ($25MM?).


That is exactly why they hired KK, ARZ is all in on Josh Rosen




Thanks Cliff. Why didn’t you mention yer Nobel Prize for literature?

(Ryon Adams) #31

I guess it’s cool to get promoted after having been fired for sub-standard performance in a lower position (I’d say that getting an NFL job constitutes a promotion over a college coaching job).

What are the odds of that?

I’m guessing that that doesn’t happen very often!

That said, I have no ill will towards Kingsbury, and wish him the best!


As many college coaches moving to the pros have demonstrated, different skill sets are required, so success/failure in the NFL or college doesn’t necessarily correlate to the other. Otherwise, Lincoln Riley would have been hired before Kliff.

Kliff has done a great job of what’s most coveted in the NFL right now - developing QBs. His record in the B12 or whatever doesn’t matter to them, because they believe they’ll have a coaching staff that’s able to take care of the stuff that Kliff wasn’t good at.

It’ll be an interesting experiment.


One of my first thoughts, how well will Kliff and Rosen get along.


Completely head scratching event. I thought he “failed” as a college coach? But, more power to him.


Right but why HC and not QB coach. That’s what is puzzling to me.


They wanted his skills (development and play calling) and he wouldn’t take a position coach job, I suppose.



(Dan) #38

Just goes to show if you can play, coach, or develop QBs you can make a lot of money in football.


It shows that losing your job can be a blessing in disguise…


Goes to show you that the Cardinals will never win anything and that bad decisions are made with tons of money in the NFL.