Kudos to UofH Marketing

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This is a pretty big deal as historically there have been a handful of teams that have worn the Jumpman.

Originally it was teams like Cincy and Cal in the late 90s, early 00s.

Now it would be Houston, North Carolina, and Michigan.

(Dustin K) #3

I wonder if Nike does that with any other sub brands. Like could the golf team become a Tiger Woods school?

(Mark Shapiro) #4

Welcome to the Tiger Woods Golf School, brought to you by the 9 iron.


Is there a hubcap guy label?

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Thats beyond cool for the guys.

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Give credit where it’s due. UH basketball showcasing their outstanding value last season on national tv did this. It’s because of Rob Gray, G Robinson, Nora Zanna and company


I’m sorry. Those shoes are fugly IMO.

I guess I’m not hip.

(gpropes) #10

Kelvin said that he was told in November that this was going to happen.

In some ways, becoming a Jumpman school before we did anything is even cooler.

(James Duncan) #11

Yeah needs some contrasting colors. Even up close hard to see the design patterns

(Patrick) #12

My wife bought me Jordans that looked like those a few years back (she didn’t know, just saw size 14s and bought them). I used them to play basketball for a couple of intramural seasons in Florida. They were some of the most uncomfortably warm basketball shoes I’ve ever worn and they didn’t breathe at all. Kept getting blisters wearing them. Ended up switching out for a different, cheaper Nike pair and was much happier.

Glad that we’ve got the new sponsor, but I’m also glad I’m not wearing the shoes.


Maybe the players get different versions than what your wife found on the clearance rack. :grinning:

(Patrick) #14

:joy: I hope so

(Cristian) #15

After doing some investigating. Their shoes are going to be really awesome. BUT who knows how they feel or weigh. Hopefully we get these.

Will post on Basketball thread. Didnt realize this was on Football

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