Kyle Allen & Ed Oliver listed in Heisman odds


I’d put $50 on each of them at 75/1 !

There’s about a 0.0% chance Ed Oliver is going to win the Heisman. Not because he won’t be deserving–just because it will never happen. The only defensive player to ever win the Heisman was Charles Woodson, and I’m pretty sure he won because he also played some WR and returned kicks. A defensive lineman will NEVER win the Heisman, so take that $50 you were going to put on Ed and put it on Kyle.


Would be better if you just donated the $100 to Cougar Pride. If Clowney couldn’t finish top 5, what chance does Oliver have to be #1? Allen might not even be the starter. Is Bowman and Allen interchangeable on that bet?

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Best idea yet. Their chances of winning are south of 0.0000001%

Now if you’re talking 2018 Lombardi Award for EO, I’ll put down some cash on that.

I think you mean 2017. 2018 EO will be 50/1 for NFL rookie of the year. Nevermind … 2017 is for 2016 season. So confusing

It happens. Seasons confuse me too

Honestly, anyone could win the heisman if espn lobbied for them as hard as they did for Lamar Jackson last year. I wasn’t impressed with him but ESPN seemed intent on making him a heisman.

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