Kyle Allen gonzo

(gpropes) #1

But declaring for the NFL draft. Interesting decision.

(Alfred Matthews) #2

Hmm…thought he had a better chance of transferring than declaring. Good luck to him. Makes the QB competition less obvious now.


I’d be surprised if he gets drafted based on his college performance. He might get drafted in the 5-7 round range based on height/weight/arm strength/HS reputation but I wouldn’t touch him with a draft pick if I were a GM.


Really hope he gets drafted and wish him the best as I do all Coogs going pro.


Best of luck to him, but this is even more questionable than Greenberry and Ayers declaring early.

(Dan) #6

He’s gonna have to make some noise at the combine to get noticed. Best of luck. Very classy with the way things went down this year.

(Jason) #7

Kid is getting bad advice…if you’re not good enough to beat out a career backup and a converted wide receiver at the mid-major level, you probably have no business thinking about the NFL right now. But then again, the NFL does have it’s share of bad quarterbacks on rosters anyway. So, maybe he’s got a decent shot.

(Mark) #8

I don’t know about him getting drafted, but he’ll land somewhere on a practice squad for sure and that’s a start.

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

Interesting decision, best of luck to him going forward.


Not that he wouldn’t be redshirted this year anyway, but I wonder if this has any impact on Clayton Tune’s decision-making? Also, does KA’s departure free up a scholarship for 2018?

(norb) #11

Another Coog QB in the NFL? Awesome!


Want to say thanks to him for coming here and Good luck.


We’ll see about that. Just because he declares doesn’t mean he’ll be in the nfl next year.


Glad he came here, but he is an Aggie at heart and always will be unfortunately


I wish him well.


it was obvious if you followed his instagram

(Alfred Matthews) #17

if anything it increases our chances. we only have 3 scholarship qb’s on the roster now.

(Patrick) #18

Maybe, but his degree will always say UH on it so he’ll always be a Coog.

Had heard before the season, and mentioned it on this board some before the season, that this was the plan. Just didn’t think he’d go through with it after how the season played out. Honestly, this is probably the best decision he can make. NFL values different things and Allen will get a look if he shows well in the pre-draft workouts.

(Patrick) #19

Technically, yes, as they needed one player to leave to get under the 85 scholarship player roster limit in order to be able to sign one more to this upcoming class. They have two scholarships remaining to offer for this class.


He has the size and arm to play in the NFL. Good luck to him.