Kyle Postma - our leading rusher


Kyle Postma was our leading rusher today with 52 yards. That’s a problem with a run first offense

Now that we’ve scored in the 2nd half, the next goal is to have a 100 yard rusher. Birden came closest with 82 vs UA.

With a run first offense, shouldn’t you have a 100 rusher? Shouldn’t you average more than 133 rushing yards rushing a game? Our run & shoot offense averaged more yards rushing than that

(Patrick) #2

OL has trouble run blocking.

(Paul Marlow) #3

We can split hairs, but I put this on turnovers and KA.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

We passed on first down more than ran on first down in the first half. That is by definition NOT a run first offense.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Funniest part of watching game reactions. We run on first down and get 1 yard. “We run on first down too much” We do a screen pass on first down and get 1 yard. “We need to execute better.”

Because of course, running the ball requires no execution to be successful.


This offense is designed to be a run first offense. Just because it can’t or won’t doesn’t mean that’s not what it is designed to do


You know what this means? The o-line is below-average, much like last season. They continue to call run plays that don’t work because they’re gettting beat up front.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

Is that a quote from one of the coaches? If so, whoever said that isn’t the one calling the plays.


Have you never seen an Urban Meyer based offense which is where this comes from?


But if you want a quote…

“We want to be able to play with tempo (and) play fast” Applewhite said. “A lot of times that(eliminates) some one-on-one mismatches that you have. If you can play fast, then you can create confusion with the defense. Second, we want to be able to run the football and be able to take some shots down the field. Then, we can spread the field at times and allow our quarterback to improvise if things aren’t open.”

(Jimmy Morris) #11

Birden is averaging 4,7 yards per carry. Catalon is averaging 3,6 yards per carry. The both play behind the same offensive line. Why do they look above average with Birden and below average with Catalon?

(Jimmy Morris) #12

You and I have a different definition of run first.

(Jerrycoog) #13

Teams can stack the box because we have no one capable of beating them deep on the outside.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Against Tech and Arizona I agree. Against the rest of our schedule, pretty sure our wide receiver speed stacks up just fine against AAC defensive backs’ speed.


Maybe. You think 1st down. I think first as in primary. This is supposed to be a run based (is that better for you?) offense. And in this run based offense, we’re only averaging 133 yards rushing and our backup QB who only played 2 series was our leading rusher

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We looked very clunky in a few positions vs what Tech rolled out today.
I didn’t see that vs AZ.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

Greg Ward was our leading rusher in 2015 and was 10 yards short of being the leading rusher in 2016. I’m starting to think that Ohio State’s running game only works when you have Ohio State’s offensive line and Ohio State’s running backs.

Is there a G5 program that uses Ohio State’s offense and the running backs lead the team in rushing?


Utah did under Meyer with Alex Smith as QB. But Smith still had 600 yards rushing

(Jimmy Morris) #19

We had 109 yards in total offense, two turnovers and 0 points on offense against Arizona in the second half. You must have stopped watching at halftime.

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I’m talking about the caliber of athlete. Fixed it in my post above.
For ex: our WRs vs Techs.