Kyler Murray says he's fully committed to becoming an NFL quarterback


I’m not a Kyler Murray fan but if he is successful as a QB in the NFL in his rookie season, there is hope for D’Eriq King as a QB in the NFL. Of course this year King would have to have a great season like he did last year.


Sorry but I would have played in the MLB. Less risk for injury, likely to have a longer career, and guaranteed money.

(Russel ) #4

I agree…especially with potential financial security he would obtain. My guess is the buzz and media attention has alot to do with choosing the nfl over mlb.


I think that he’s thinking if it doesn’t work out in the NFL in 2 or 3 years, he can still go to baseball if he’s not banged up too much by then.


Exactly, he’ll cash in the NFL and then if it doesn’t workout can go back and try and make it to MLB. MUCH easier to make it to NFL initially than to get to The Show…only player I can ever recall starting out in the majors was David Clyde and that was a pure gimmick by a struggling Rangers franchise…ruined his career…not Griffey, Harper, Trout, Bregman, Aaron, Ruth, Bonds…they all started out in the minors

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If Kyler Murray is given a proper chance at QB in the NFL do you guys think more College QB’s under 6’0 even 5’10 could be prevalent in today’s NFL? Obviously I ask this because D’eriq fits the same mold and I’d like to see him continue his success at QB at the next level rather than switch to WR as Ward did. (But regardless of the position I believe King would still put up great numbers)


As some NFL teams keep spreading the field more, they can be. Throwing over the middle will still be an issue for short QBs. Also I don’t think there are many small QBs who have the arm strength needed in the NFL. Murray does and King surely does as well.


And can come back to NFL in a few years like many others have. Maybe Kliff told him he was his #1 target.

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If he is officially measured at 5’ 9” or less at the combine I think he falls out of the 1st rd and can rejoin the A’s.

(Ricardo Montano) #11

I believe he’s 5’9 and some change very close to 5’10.

(09Frontiersmen) #12

There have only been three (3) successful QB’s who stand 6’ ft or shorter in the modern day NFL. 1) D Brees, 2) R Wilson, 3) D Flutie

Oklahoma football lists K Murray at 5-foot-10 and 195 pounds , Oklahoma baseball says he’s 5-foot-11 , as does Google.

History suggest drafting K Murray in the 1st Rd is a gamble…

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The success of Russell Wilson is what is really helping Murray as well as Baker having a good rookie year.


And if smaller QBs have success in the NFL they will be all the rage.

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Its a copy cat league and its always been that way.




Don’t forget Eddie LeBaron, the Dallas Cowboys 1st QB. He was 5-7!

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For shorter QB’s it’s all about designing a system that works with their strengths. What really helps is the evolution of the have where is no longer a color stay in the pocket and drop back league. There’s a lot more movement so having to see lanes over big lineman are no longer a complete necessity.


My thoughts exactly, friend. Murray being (most likely) the shortest/smallest QB to ever start in the NFL would shatter the narrative of prototypical QB archetypes. If he has even a decent year as a rookie then King would have a foot in regardless due to him not having to worry about the knock on his height.

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Also, did you hear K Murray embarrass himself on the Dan Patrick Show? He couldn’t answer basic questions. He can barely put together a sentence. Based on this interview his wunderlick score won’t be very high. I just don’t buy the hype around this kid, but it only takes 1 team to fall for him.


Well I don’t think they’re drafting him on how well he speaks but how well he plays.