Kyron Drones. Best kept secret of 2021

So this shadow creek QB is a stud. I’m sure you all saw the tweet that we offered him today, and that his granddad played for uh back in the 60s for yeoman. Won a state championship, and was a baller. 24/7 has him as the #9 dual threat in class. But he only has 5 offers and we’re his only serious one. I pray no one else catches on :pray:t3:


I just saw his highlights and I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more FBS offers?

He looks like a stud!

Shhhh! Lets keep this secret.

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His grandfather played for UH in the 60s, not his dad.


I believe this kid is Cam Newtons cousin or something

I was about to say the same. If it was his dad I was going to say hats off to the man HE’S STILL GOT IT!!!


This kid went crazy in 2019. 46 passing, and 18 rushing TDs! Him being a legacy would make the signing even sweeter. We gotta keep our own!


Now THIS is some good news!!!

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Jerry “Snake” Drones, his grandfather, played for the Coogs and coach Yeoman in the late '60s…I believe he was recruited here out of San Angelo, or some school in that direction lol…
Drones was an outstanding defensive end and gave opposing offenses heck…just ask Archie Manning…Snake separated Manning’s shoulder (or was it a broken arm?) two years in a row…
The last time I saw Snake, who is a great guy btw, was when he was head coach at Galveston Ball…


Butch, I got out of the navy in June of '70 and attended LSU that fall. When LSU played Ole Miss, Archie Manning had a cast on his left arm and played the game with it. It seems like he had problems with his arm a lot while at Ole Miss. BTW, Drones lettered for UH in 67, 68, and 69.


That name is awesome. The awesome name and our offer will bring the P5s.

Dana Dimel thought he had him wrapped up. He’s Barrick Nealy 2.0

Jerry went to San Angelo Central, where he played for Emory Bellard. Jerry was also the first African American in history to start on defense for UH in 1967. Jerry, Warren McVea, Don Bean, and Paul Gipson were the first black players in history to suit up against Mississippi State and Ole Miss on back-to-back weekends in October 1967.


Yes Ole Miss beat us in '70 with a relatively healthy Manning…it was the Rebs homecoming…but we beat them the two previous years on the road 29-7 and 25-11 in the Astrodome. Those are the two games Drones put Manning on the sidelines, late in both games…It a while back but I know Manning missed some games due to the injury, but not sure the extent of either injury…do know it was Snake who bit him both times…I was at UH the entire time Drones was at UH…a very quiet and humble guy, but a really good football player…

So BY sent Drones to take out their field general?..he didn’t just invent the veer…even Trump is using his tactics


In this day and age a fellow with the last name of Drones ought to be a millionaire, one way or another!

On a more serious note, how are his grades I wonder? If he struggles academically, maybe other schools have laid off thinking he’s JUCO bound to get his academics in order. Just a thought.