Lack of student, alumni support justifies UH’s status

Lack of student, alumni support justifies UH’s status
After a rough couple of games, the stands at TDECU Stadium looked somewhat empty, despite an announced attendance of over 35,000.

Who is this guy?
Do we need added salt after the small12 snub from our very own paper? This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
To not even understand that ISU play in a P5 alongside Kansas State and what it means is beyond belief.
You want to call yourself a reporter Mr.Earnst? Do your home work first.


There was quite a bit going on with that game. It wasn’t just the losses. Losses, Big 12 snub, early game in high heat, directional school opponent and rampant rumors of Tom Herman leaving. Frankly I’m tired of the whining. Let’s see what happens with Tulane.


You’re basically saying, no Herman, no support.

It’s the student paper. Has no real oversight and posts articles like this a few times a year to get clicks. “Edgy” articles like this are no more than “look at me” opportunities. When he started the article with “It’s a comfortable 78 degree Saturday morning under partly cloudy skies at TDECU Stadium…” you knew this was going to be some BS. Comparing a 100 year rivalry game with UH/UCF? It’s clickbait that is all too common these days.

So one game has poor turnout and this is the headline? What a crock. While we really need to keep selling out every game and having everyone show up, this was just one game.

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I enjoyed reading the DailyCougar. It was(is?) distributed all over campus so I would assume that some our students read it. I am not looking for a Pravda type paper. These types of “opinion/editorial” piece" have no place in our “in house paper” when they are fundamentally wrong. The newspaper’s editor should have never accepted to publish it. It is fine to compare but it has to be on the same level. It shows that Earnst has no clue about sports but he is reporting on our Team??? I bet that they are journalism students that love sports that would jump at the opportunity.

Well it is now only printed once a week. Sadly, most students weren’t reading it when it was still Daily.

I understand the point he’s trying to make, but as pointed out before, the weather was not “fair.” I got burnt to a crisp and I woke up with gout on Monday. I think getting dehydrated at TDECU played a large role in that. That may be the biggest issue I have with the article.

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Who needs a campus “newspaper” with this kind of drivel? Shut the darn thing down; who would even miss it?

Next week’s headline… UH Football Main Source of Gout…and Indigestion


Truly a poor example of campus reporting. But this guy is what psychologists call “well defended” so don’t kid yourself that he can process the negative feedback. It only bolsters his feelings of justification.

Here is my comment on there:

Lack of journalistic integrity, editorial support justifies UH’s status

It’s a comfortable Tuesday at The Daily Cougar. The University of Houston continues to make strides toward improving its academic reputation as thousands of students receive quality educations to prepare them for work and life success. It appears, however, that Reagan Earnst is still stuck in traffic.

Just as thousands of fans who attended the game apply aloe vera to their sunburns, Reagan falsely describes the weather as fair and decides to insult his readership and his university.

A virtually empty analysis lying in the shadows of vacant journalistic integrity provides a cozy backdrop for Reagan’s click-bait article. Suddenly, it seems that the Daily Cougar stage is far too large for him.

It’s been one day since Reagan slandered Cougar football fans by asserting that they collectively slandered Big 12 Officials for not adding UH - and others - to their conference. However, this student and his/her editor’s failure to post a competent article on Monday proves why Reagan isn’t ready to be a successful journalist with professional integrity.

TDECU Stadium currently seats about 40,000 people, but was designed with room to expand to 60,000 seats if UH gets added to a P5 conference. It doesn’t appear as though this will happen as the Big 12 sent UH, and many other universities, on a wild goose chase requiring huge amounts of time and resources. It’s hard to believe UH is the same football team after LSU fired their coach, and rumors spread like wildfire that Tom Herman will be coaching at UT-not UH next season.

There’s no way around it, watching the team spiral out of control on and off the field amidst the coaching rumors and the P5 rejection in the last month was devastating for fans. Sky-high expectations and national media attention provided unprecedented hope to a fan base that was eager to build off last season’s success after being relegated to the athletic and academic minor leagues for the past two decades.

After a season as a UH student in 2016, it appears that a sense of entitlement has set in among Reagan and the Daily Cougar editor. Researching the whole situation, reporting factual data and professionalism seems to be far more difficult for the daily cougar, as opposed to writing half-truths, insults and inconsistent statistics in an effort to make The University of Houston, its students and its alumni look and feel worse than they already do.

Reagan’s disappointment is understandable, but this article resembled Baylor ethnocentric arrogance and propaganda rather than the ideals and values that UH is striving for.

The Cougars have not lost inside TDECU Stadium since Nov. 8, 2014 and boast a 16-3 record in that time frame. Their 13-game home winning streak is the third-longest active streak in college football - largely due to a huge increase in season ticket sales, fan attendance and fan noise. The fan support and unwavering commitment of UH leadership to improve academics and athletics and over the last two seasons warrants little room for the author to lodge insults toward toward UH as an institution. The fact that a student would callously, inaccurately and publicly slander their own institution is sickening.

For the sake of perspective, the author compares UH attendance versus teams like Tulsa, Lamar and directional UCF to institutions who play against other P5 institutions like UT and OU while reciting these schools’ own inflated statistics.

The prospect of joining a P5 conference is much more involved than average fan attendance for one game. Making an assertion that UH is not deserving of an invite to a P5 conference based on approximately 30% of the fans not attending one game, especially in light of the recent extenuating circumstances is completely unfair and unwarranted. Asserting that schools in major conferences have no trouble filling stadiums across all sports is completely false. Again, writing a factual, accurate and truthful article is one thing Reagan seems unable to do.

Until Reagan learns to respect their university, the 70% of fans who did show up and support their struggling team and university, write articles based on sound data, research topics thoroughly and write with an effort of meaningful purpose rather than gaining attention like a spoiled child, they won’t be ready to take the next step as a human being that can be a positive representative of UH and the Daily Cougar.


Well said Brad:clap:

It wasn’t a great turnout but see if UT ot ATM sells out all their games when they’re playing a UCONN, UCF, East Carolina schedule for 20 years

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It was a misleading article and his use of fair weather was just a device to tie it to fair weather fan.

I am curious to see real attendance data for the last 10 -15 years for 11 am starts. And 11 am starts on Halloween weekend. I bet the results would not be surprising and we could see a predictive trend.

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I am sorry but Mr. Earnst is an idiot. I don’t like to call anyone an idiot but there is not a better way to describe this hack piece. Like it or not the DailyCougar has a voice. They represent us. This one is highly flawed.

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