Lane Kiffin out at Alabama before Natl. Championship

Very interesting, now if Alabama loses or has a poor offensive showing, they might regret that.


I’m sure the great Saban will have his team ready and they have a great defense but Dabo and Clemson have to be a bit excited right… Lol

It appears that Kiffin is the same old scumbag he has always been. He is probably already looking for his step up back to the P5 as head coach.

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Anybody with any objective reasoning could figure out that he is trouble and a bad coach. Saban chewed his ass out all the time and was trying his best to pawn him off on us. Dodged a huge dumpster fire.

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He’s probably gone because of his play calling on Saturday. Had that run gmae going but old Lane was still trying to be “creative,” showing everyone how good of a play caller he is instead of just running the ball. The score shouldn’t have been as close as it was. I’ve never seen such an adversarial relationship between an OC and HC before. Especially one as successful as what they’ve had; three playoff appearances in a row, with three different starting QB’s and will probably end up winning two national championships with two of them come next Monday night. They’ve definitely been good for one another; Lane did help Nick open up the offense, and now he can do what he wants at FAU.

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So he gets fired from a job he’s already quit. Sounds just about right for him.

BTW…I think I saw Saban’s eye twitch when he mentioned the decision to part ways right now was ‘mutual’.

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Don’t believe everything you read.


He was fired because he was late to meetings and had made comments critical of the program. The bus left him at the Peach Bowl after media day the other day. The media clains he was on his way out, regardless of the FAU job. You can bet Saban would like to put him in a wood grinder for doing anything to distract the team the week they’re playing for the national chanpionship. Maybe that’s too harsh. A wood shredder might be more fitting. :wink:

Alabama’s offense was terrible on Saturday. Kiffin couldn’t handle the pressure. He’ll be trying to leave FAU as soon as possible. I’m glad he’s not our problem.

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Couldn’t handle the pressure is probably not accurate. Being at Bama, he has been in plenty of big games. Maybe distracted or not as prepared as he should have been, but the stage certainly shouldn’t have caused him to buckle under pressure. People are forgetting that Saban has a huge ego and I’m sure little napoleon is not innocent in all this. It’s a crazy situation. I hope they lose.

We dodged a bullet.

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It was mutual per Saban.

Coaches have been known to lie… per Tom Herman.


He’s going to say that, Raymond. The reports are that he was clearly fired. You don’t tell the buses to take off when your offensive coordinator isn’t there unless there’s a problem. He was pushed out.

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Dude was fired. Fact is, even without FAU job, Kiffin would’ve been fired at seasons end.

Saban is a friggin’ pro at this.

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