Left out: How Larry Scott and the Pac-12 continue to lose ground in the college football arms race

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What a mess of a conference. Still if it wasn’t for the geography (travel distance) it might be to our advantage and ours to be in it. Never happen for obvious reasons (again geography).

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Article Summary:

  • Larry Scott is not that good of a commissioner
  • He is the highest paid commissioner
  • Concern that the conferences best teams last year (UW & USC) were both blown out in their bowl games
  • Neuheisel’s biggest concern was the shrinking size of Pac-12 players.

“The size disparity was ridiculous,” Neuheisel said. “We, as a conference, have to get bigger. We play in this league that is small, skilled and make all kinds of plays, but we don’t look the part physically. We don’t have the ability to recruit and have the bells and whistles because the money isn’t coming in as it should.”

  • Pac 12 “only” distributed $31 million per school
  • Larry Scott makes too much money
  • Last year Pac 12 paid more in rent costs than any other conference due to its headquarters being in San Francisco
  • Oregon’s States Athletic department is sitting on $40 million in accrued debt
  • Neuheisel said conference leadership must improve.

“They can do better. There’s no question they can do better,” he said. "They keep thinking things will turn but it won’t until they get players again.

“And that’s not happening until they get money going.”

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This is good for us. The more problems, the more desperation. The more desperation, the more things will likely change.

As far as recruiting, could be due to kids out West Not playing as much football. With other options, those kids are turning to other sports. In the southeast and Texas, football is still king. That’s why every conference is trying to have a footprint in these areas. PAC12 is the only holdout


Saw a tweet today that Uverse is dropping the Pac12 network. Don’t know why. We need to be ready, this whole thing can change on a dime.

How the turntables

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Man the B12 has dodged a bullet for now.

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Another negative is that the LA area is their PRIME area for gathering their prized recruits …

'Course for two years running and the LA and surrounding area has been burning from all the wildfires.

Either these prize recruits have left to better hunting grounds or turn into crispy critters …

The Pac12 is in need of another recruiting Shangri-La/Mecca and the SE section of Texas is an ideal location …


Perhaps the Pac 12 presidents should have added OU and Okahoma State when they had the chance.


OU and OSU are not going there to make less money.


They can recruit in the SE section of Texas as long as they add to their conference the brand named school in that area (UH).

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Dude, if you have the reigns to UCLA (historically valuable national commodity) and you’re blaming the conference for the size of your players then you’re a #@#.

You could put Saban or Kelly in Hawaii and they would steal RN’s recruits because they aren’t whiney #$@'s.


Read the comments and you’ll see several posts about how the PAC-12 seems to have the same kind of problem we have here at UH, because some of the teams are in larger markets, if they’re not winning, they don’t get what they consider respectable attendance to their games.

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The talent pool is still imo the best one in the country. These same recruits go play elsewhere. The PAC12 & a few Teams have a choice. Will they open their economic resources & get a Saban, Sweeney, Meyer or Harbaugh? The problem is not the talent. The issue comes from Schools Administrations. Larry Scott illustrates how disconnected these administrators are from their S.E.C., A.C.C. or BIG10 counterparts.

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In all honesty I approve of the more academic philosophy of the Pac12. I can’t define it in clinical terms but they’ve always pursued a more institution-first posture when publicly discussing realignment. Not sure how that meshes with Utah’s addition but I know they place a high value on the academic image of their schools.

But damn, there are a metric ton of blue-chippers in California. Too many to count.


The issue with the Pac-12 is that USC is not dominating. USC has to dominate and win like it did in the early 2000’s. When USC gets rolling, it will be able able to recruit nationally just like Alabama and Ohio State do now.


The ACC would have that same issue if Clemson wasn’t dominating. They only have one other top 25 CFP team and that’s Syracuse at #20.


Complaining about the size of the players? Really?

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

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I have difficulty feeling sorry for any school that complains they only make $31M a year. Boo-effing-hoo!

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FunkMaster has it right. We fit nicely in Academics with Pac12 (and Big 10)…which they value a ton. I think Renu gets us in…
FYI Utah has a top notch Med School, and Research, if nothing else, which may have carried them over…


Also I believe all the B1G schools have their medical schools on campus except Nebraska.