Left out: How Larry Scott and the Pac-12 continue to lose ground in the college football arms race


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to call UVerse and cancel my sports package. Sad to see the PAC 12 Network go.


Pac 12 needs to fire Larry Scott.


Yes, and IF for some miracle UH is considered for Pac12 expansion, I would hope it would be after Scott were fired and not his last minute move to save his job or conference. We’ve been through that already


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I live here in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and subscribe to the full boat sports everything everywhere package on Charter Cable…
No PAC 12 Network to be had anywhere in Northern Nevada, which has been utterly bizarre to me. The PAC 12 apparently makes it so hard for a cable company to buy in, that nobody does…
It is really easy to watch our Houston Cougars out here, but if you want to watch the Washington State Cougars, then forget it.


They really need more teams further east. Utah and Colorado are the only teams not in the pacific time zone. Arizona is effectively in the pacific time zone most of the season since they do t observe daylight savings time.


U-verse is part of Direct TV so I guess they also lost Direct Tv?


I don’t think they were ever on Direct TV


I’m not a cable/streaming expert, but it seems like a great opportunity for Amazon to jump in and become a major player in college football.

And it would position the PAC in a great spot to benefit from cutting edge streaming services with Amazon. Seems like a win-win for both sides.


That wouldn’t have been a huge boost. Adding TWO schools (or two mouths to feed) in a small population state like Oklahoma and another struggling regional TV network on top of that.


The Big 10 prizes AAU membership. UH is not an AAU member.


Can’t feel sorry for the Pac since they are reactive, just waiting indefinitely on UT to make a decision instead of being proactive and adding us to get the Texas TV audience.




Hopefully the ACC will come and take Houston. The PAC will be out of luck.


I believe in the last realignment, OU pulled out of the deal.


AAU! From what I have read, AAU is like a country club of 61 member schools who each have a vote to add new members or dismember schools. The vote was close in dismembering Nebraska. There doesn’t seem to be any standard criteria for being a member.

Some nonmembers have better academics and more research dollars than some members.

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Same in San Diego. This has been going for years. The fact that Larry Scott still has a job is inexplicable. It has never made any sense that he got the job in the first. All of the majors networks, studios & sports marketing company are in SoCa. Larry can’t find a good media partner?:warning::question::question:Granted the Schools get $31M/year but how well position are they? Maybe he is “playing” everybody along to make it easy for Amazon. It still does not make any business sense.

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Correct. PAC12 never been part of Directv. Uverse has nothing to do w DirecTV satellite. Pearland is getting confused bec At&T & DirecTV merged but Uverse- cable is totally separate entity and does not come into play w DirecTV satellite.


Surfin’ Coogs!!!

Pac 14 East
Arizona St

Tried to keep the original Pac 10 guys together but there you go.


No, the deal was UT, TT, OU, and OSU. UT demanded to be allowed to retain LHN and Pac said no. UT pulled out. OU tried to save the deal by suggesting UH, or TCU and PAC told OU that without UT they did not want OU.