Left out: How Larry Scott and the Pac-12 continue to lose ground in the college football arms race


BYU will never be let in the PAC 12 never.


Colorado State


They already have Colorado so don’t need CS so I think it would be Houston, TT, UNLV and ?


If the PAC12 didn’t want Houston then, why would they want us now?

(Dave) #46

It is a dilemma … the Pac12 needs a new fertile area to recruit new blood … their only and once fertile area in LA is looking like Hiroshima/Nagasaki with all the bush fires now put out … on top of those put out last year.

Thing is the SE Texas area where UH resides … is an ideal spot … but we need a partner as the Pac12 as jittery as they already are WON’T tolerate an odd number of Pac13 members …

TT would be the best choice but I suspect the zorro-wannbes are gambling the Big12 will survive with either UT or OU leaving in the near future and the other staying … so

We can assume the Pac12 will procrastinate and fall further and further behind sitting on their thumbs while the rest of the P5s move forward … WHICH is why I don’t believe we will be joining them … not that I don’t want to but just how long can we wait before Twiddy Dee and Twitty Dumb get off their thumbs …

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PAC 12 should add Cinci to their north division and Houston to the south division.

Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Cal, Washington, Washington State, Cincinnati
USC, UCLA, Arizona, ASU, Colorado, Utah, Houston


UNLV? If the PAC 12 adds Houston and UNLV, when UH plays UNLV in Las Vegas, that will be the largest attendance by UH fans for an away game.

Also I didn’t know UNLV has a medical school.


I’m not sure if the PAC12 wants to go that far east.

(Brad) #50

I’m not sure they have any choice.


What about New Mexico as a "bridge with Houston. How does NM rate scholastically?

(Patrick) #52

UNLV is already in the PAC12 footprint and isn’t academically good enough right now to be considered.

Cincy is probably out as that gets into the B1G footprint. PAC12 and B1G are still allies and don’t want to overlap.

New Mexico is a possibility, if they can get better at football. Academically, they are solid and they usually have a solid basketball program. What hurts is that they don’t have a populated area and aren’t a TV market.

Kansas is a possibility if the B1G doesn’t land them first. Kansas is AAU and their basketball program is worth it alone.

Iowa State is a longshot as they are in the B1G footprint and have no TV market, but academically, they are AAU. If Kansas ended up in the PAC12, Iowa State may go with them as part of a 4 team deal.

@PAWRFUL is right in that Tech is probably our best bet (outside of UT) at getting into the PAC12. Again, wish the Techsters would realize that and start allying themselves with us, but they’re too afraid to separate from that Horn teet to do it. Hopefully, once realignment gets closer, UT will tip their hand about going to the B1G, ACC, or independent and Tech will start to scramble. Sad that we have to depend on the folks in Lubbock for anything, but this is the system we’re in.


I am starting to wonder if the Pacific coast area is moving into a post-football era. The athletes that they put on the field are not of the caliber of the rest of the country. Maybe the left coast has decided that football is too dangerous.

Who knows but after seeing the level of play, it makes you wonder.


I go back to saying, it’s all about money. The PAC12 is not going to add any school unless it makes since monetarily to the conference. That means TV and eyeballs or a school that has a really good team that commands a lot of attention.

I know you said UNLV needs to work on their academics, but having a PAC12 team in Las Vegas is very attractive though I’m not sure how lucrative.

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(Kendall Barrett) #56

Bottom line, is win our bowl game, get into preseason poll, then win next year. BB on massive uptick. Houston is the No. 2 college football TV market in America. We have the Academics…and btw, AAU is a chicken and egg thing. We get an invite into ACC, Big10, or Pac12, we will get an invite into AAU…

Renu and the BOR will get us the best deal.



(Ben B) #58

We will be.


What is your source for this ?


I would love to be in the Pac 12. Five world-ranked universities. Twenty one million
people in greater L.A. and more than ten million in the Bay Area. A couple million more
would like San Diego in on it. I don’t think they are very worried about sports income. Silicon
Valley is now the richest area in the world.


Yes and if they would add UNLV, that would be icing on the cake. Yeah Vegas baby.