Left out: How Larry Scott and the Pac-12 continue to lose ground in the college football arms race

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We can only hope OU beat UT and goes to the playoff.
We need our SOS to be the best it can be next year if want
anyshot. If WSU wins big in their bowl, they will be ranked high.
UCF is up to 7, if Ohio St. or OU lose, they could move up, but
probably 5 is the ceiling. Top three are in Bama, Clemson and ND.
Unless Clemson loses to Pitt, who UCF destroyed. Can you say chaos.


Houston is a large market but it’s not a UH market exclusively. You can pull up all the ratings you want and it’s done well at times for UH but it’s divided. The SEC didn’t take A&M because of the College Station market, they got Houston/Dallas and parts of any other big city.

UH isn’t getting into any preseason poll next year in football.


Harsh YWCF black pill


No religously-affiliated school like BYU will ever be voted into the PAC 12.


I don’t know about that. If it is a religious school that doesn’t impose its religious beliefs on others or discriminate because of religious beliefs, they may have a shot at joining the PAC12. Some religious schools may not confine to any certain religion. I don’t know much about TCU but I wonder if they would fit what I am describing.


How many religiously-affiliated schools are in the PAC12? Zero. They didn’t want to include Baylor in the ill-fated PAC16 deal back in 2010 because of their affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention.


Okay agree. A school like BYU will not be in the PAC12.

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The reason that BYU has been excluded from the PAC is two-fold. First, BYU is a predominantly undergraduate university and the PAC school presidents have a probelm with that. Second, BYU refuses to play on Sunday in any sport. Although that isn’t a huge problem for college football, it affects almost every program. The religous aspect has very little to do with it and would actually be beneficial. The religion is the reason that BYU attracts so many fans nationally.


Stanford will be a no vote for any religious school.

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I would say that Cal Berkeley would be a bigger problem. I live in NorCal. They are a different breed in Berkeley. Socialists and atheists aren’t liberal enough for them.


Okay if you say so. It’s just the free spirited anything goes west coast with a conference that most UH fans want to join. :smile:


Wiki notes - Until 1912, the USC athletics teams were called the Fighting Methodists or Wesleyans; and for much of its existence, it was operated in connection with the Methodist Church until it severed ties in 1952.


The key here is it severed ties with the Methodist Church in 1952. Let me repeat that, 1952. That was 66 years ago.

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The fact that Scott has been so blasé about it, makes me think that the PAC is working on some kind of better deal.


Agree. Scott is actually quite the douche bag. One of my patients actually works with him and I have spoke with my patient about the possibility of U of H getting into the Pac12. My patient said that it had been brought up several times and Scott was adamantly against it while others on the board were intrigued. So hopefully he is fired and that looks like a clown if we can get in.

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The day Scott gets fired will be the day UH gets invited to the Pac 12.


I went to SF and the people there called it Berserkly.


I think if we can find a way to get into the PAC, I like our chances to dominate that conference. True, It would get the PAC direct access into Texas but more importantly, it will give us the opportunity to build P5 depth with Local Texas talent. Right now we are getting a few P5 caliber players but with no depth behind that.


UH should make a pitch to Larry Scott and tell him that if UH is admitted into the Pac-12, that UH will name a street near campus after him, that street will be Scott Street.