Left out: How Larry Scott and the Pac-12 continue to lose ground in the college football arms race

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UT only wanted UT and A&M to go to the Big 8 even though the Big 8 wanted the entire SWC conference. A&M wanted to go SEC, but UT stepped in and basically forced the Aggies to go with them. Baylor and Tech were added when Bob Bullock got wind of the deal and threatened to pull funding from both if those two weren’t included.

We were left out in the cold because our admin couldn’t care less at the time.


Unfortunately no, and anything I say is completely subjective/opinionated. However, from the response I got simply by tone, it was exactly that. It sounded a little bit of arrogance as if we were not on par with then socially, academically, etc.

I completely agree, we are not the same school we were almost 30 years ago and for that matter even 10 years ago. Dr. Khator has completely changed everything about our University in such a positive way.

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adds Larry Scott to Shasta’s naughty list

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Here’s Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of the original post

Washington State athletic director Patrick Chun and head football coach Mike Leach were so troubled on Tuesday night when the College Football Playoff Rankings were released, they talked and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Chun and Leach gave an interview with USA Today in which they lobbied the playoff selection committee, pointing out that WSU is the only 10-win team coming from a Power Five Conference that isn’t ranked in the top seven, among other facts. The move raised eyebrows among some because the playoff committee protocol is designed to funnel such pleas only through the conference offices.

It was telling that WSU didn’t trust the Pac-12 alone to make its case.

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Scott held his annual news conference 90 minutes before the game, with most of the questions centered around a four-part series this week by The Oregonian’s John Canzano examining everything from ReplayGate to Scott’s bloated salary to the conference’s questionably high expenses relative to its counterparts.

Tellingly, the word “rent” (as in how much the league pays for office space) was mentioned the same number of times (11) as the word “Playoff.”


Well, I CAN!

uta and atm were telling everyone else in the SWC that they were negotiating a full merger of the SWC and the old Big-8, just like the latter wanted. They were lying!

They were really trying to negotiate only themselves out of the SWC and into what would have been the new 10-member conference (not sure what they would have called it, since the “Big-10” already existed). When the politicians found out what was going on, they stepped in, and Baylor and TT came into play.

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We are never going to be in a p5. Get over it.


If that is true then UH football will not exist in the near future.


This contradicts the storyline that atm wanted UH along to the sec. so which is it?

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You KNOW?? I am
sick to DEATH of you saying that because you DONT KNOW!! So why dont you do the board a favor and DROP whatever managing postion you have here and GO SOMEWHERE else, Coog fan administratior!!!

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Plus, since aau is simply a select club instead of anyone who qualifies being granted admittance, it can’t reasonably be used for future expansion.


If AAU membership is the problem, and I think it is. Then it will be solved shortly.

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C’Mon Man! No need for that. While I don’t agree with the “never” part of ITCoog’s post, I do recognize that there is likely only a very small chance that we will get to move into the P4 (yes, i believe it will be a 64 team P4) when the time comes. Lots of work to still do here if we are going to have a shot though.


We can’t afford to give up…


If that is the case then we better hurry and join the PAC12 before the B12 dissolves.

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Agreed. We need to maintain a sense of urgency about this. Hopefully Khator, Pezman and all of the rest of the administration are laser focused on pushing us forward as a university that is well prepared, and yet still improving, to take advantage of the opportunity.

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I think the Big 12 dissolving is the spur to PAC 12 expansion…so it will be during…BIG expansion is trigger that starts everything…hoping PAC finally wakes up and decides to expand after BIG grabs OU and Kansas…


TCU coming down to earth might help our chances if/when the Big 12 dissolves or gets raided.

Kansas and Texas to the B1G.

Oklahoma and West Virginia to the SEC.

PAC gets its pick of 4… . say, Houston, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Kansas State.

ND officially joins the ACC. …then they add either UCF, Cincy, or UCONN to get to 16.

That gives you the 4 × 16

Iowa State, Baylor & TCU will be left out.

We have to continue to build to be an attractive ‘Texas’ option when that major shift happens.


You might want to add Texas politics in Austin. That’s how UH was left out last time.