Less than 100 tickets for Wichita State

(snoopcoog) #1

I counted dots – I know – and there are less than 100 tickets to Saturday’s game against WSU.



Sounds like it’ll be about 1/3 full. :wink:


Don’t thank this North Carolina School lightly… Coogs should win… but they will be in a battle like one they’ve seen yet…Win this game Coogs it’s important

(Randy Randel) #4

What the hell??

(Tom Green) #5

Are you drinking ! NC school …huh.


Wichita is in Kansas. I could see getting confused about where Abilene Christian is (Kansas or Texas).

(Tom Green) #7

and they also lost about 90% of their scoring from last year. They are not that good this year.


That’s because nobody could figure out where the school is located.


We’ll smoke Wichita State at home.

I’m much more concerned about Temple on the road…I think there’s a good chance that’s our first loss.

(Tom Green) #10

well if you can going to speak of ‘smoke’ maybe WSU is located in NC – Tobacco Road! :grin:

(John Simpson) #11

For Temple: if we’re playing our game I think we win. Everybody has an off night though, so you never know. Even Duke lost a game this year.


IMO, Temple will be the biggest test thus far. They will need to bring their A game.


Let’s worry about Temple. That’s going to be a big obstacle at their home court.

(Russel ) #15

One thing we have in our favor is that we have generally played well there in the past…but it will be a tough game for sure. You know Temple has it marked!

(Christopher W Allison) #16

Wichita will bring a lot of fans! They WILL be loud. We need to be LOUDER!

(Munzell Milluns) #17

Last year one sports journalist commenting on our first game in Wichita, “The Coogs were beaten with a bag of hammers.”

To me, that was the turning point of the Sampson era. The way he used that game to build that stretch run was one of the great coaching displays in UH history.


I just did a quick check at Stubhub. Why are there about 800 tix available there for this Saturday’s game? That’s over 10% of Fertitta capacity? That’s crazy.

(Jason Lee) #19

Who knows. Keep wringing your hands tho…


Man, I wish ESPN Game Day would come to Fertitta this Saturday now that the football season is over.

(Charles) #21

The Stubhub seats will be filled come game time, just ask most of the people on this board. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: