Less than 100 tickets for Wichita State

(VancouverCOOG) #22

Who cares how many tickets are on stubhub?


If you don’t care, why comment? It’s just an observation? I thought it was strange there were so many. That’s all.


And that’s why we have empty seats even with a Sell Out! Lot’s of folks don’t like to mess with the Stubhub route. Some people don’t trust that a ticket purchased their will be legitimate. Some don’t like all the extra fees. The more people in Fertitta the better!

(VancouverCOOG) #25

Well some people seem to be obsessed about it…

(Patrick) #26

There will be a lot of Wichita State fans there. They brought a huge crowd to TSU last year with about 1/3rd being Shockers fans.

(Jimmy Morris) #27

Just saw this on twitter. It will definitely sell those remaining $130 and $285 tickets. :thinking:

(Nathan Williams) #28

I wasn’t planning on going Saturday, but now I will be buying 6 of the $285 tickets!!!

JK. I will already be there with 5 other people. Unfortunately, my dad is a WSU grad, and will not be wearing the Cougar red he normally sports to the games with me.


Just beat this Idaho school, baby. Just win.

(Charles) #30

I thought they were in Montana, or was it North Dakota?

(Jimmy Morris) #31

The students are back.


2 tickets for sale

Chairback 114 | Row 15

Seat 7, 8

$35 each

PM if interested


(Patrick) #34

(Patrick) #35


This is the benefit of reducing capacity…it creates a real demand for much better overall tickets.

(Jimmy Morris) #37

To be fair, even the old place might have been sold out for Oregon, LSU and this game. The $130 and $285 seats (especially the single seats) have been what has kept those and this game from selling out even sooner.


I also feel that UH could have sold out an 8K arena for those 3 games as well as Cincy and Temple coming up.


Winning is what has helped


True, they could be priced lower, but that would definitely be a slap in the face to those who paid $5000+ seat license for the same tickets.

(shharper01) #41

Y’all really think we’d have sold 8K for Oregon in the old Hof?