Levine going into restaurant biz

(Tom Green) #1

Bruce Feldman has a article out on Coach Levine settling back into Houston burbs and opening up a Chik Filet franchise in coming weeks. Good for him as he makes career change.


He never sold his house in Sienna Plantation. His family loved it here. Good for him.

(CoogNation_14) #3

Great for him. I would still go as long as he is still positive toward Coog Nation. That and Chik filet is a drug food. I’m still waiting for those spicy tenders.

(Ben B) #4

I would eat at any restaurant he opened. He was, and still is, a class act.


I would still hire him as a Recruiting Co-ordinator!

(Tom Green) #6

He had a good coaching job, why would he want that. It’s ok sometimes if u go do something different. #letitbe

(Mike Higdon) #7

Chick-Fil-A restaurants around here always have a line at the drive thru – sometimes backed up a block or more.


If run correctly, those franchises are solid money makers, he’ll do quite well.

(Dan) #9

Free saxophone concert and kids meals on Tuesday nights. Best of luck coach. Heck of a recruiter.


in my neighborhood, Chick-Fil-A is a license to print money.

(David) #11

Seems like an odd choice for someone trying to focus on family. I dreamed of opening a restaurant but was convinced by others that know that the hours are ridiculous. But I want nothing but success for him - I have never seen him say anything to damage the UH brand .


Good for Tony. He is a great guy.


To be clear, though, “franchising a chick-fil-a” and “opening a restaurant” are two different things.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #14

I wish him all possible success. A top notch guy.

(Mark Shapiro) #15

What’s your point? Levine is opening a Chick Fil A. Actually, I think he’s opening 2.


Chick fil A only allows a person to own one franchise.

(Mark Shapiro) #17

Ok, thought it was 2.

(Nathan) #18

Point is opening a Chick FIL a is a lot less time consuming than opening a restaurant.

(jimmyschofield) #19


Chick fill a operators make about $300k a year, so about the same as an assistant coach and you don’t have to worry about getting fired