Levine going into restaurant biz

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Travis Bush will be general manager and will inexplicably slowly change the menu and stop serving chicken in order to “not fix what isn’t broken”.


In the restaurant biz Chik-Fil-A is as family friendly as the come. Corporate office will not allow any of the stores to be open on Sundays. I know he may not be a hands on franchisee, but nonetheless, it’s a good move. They are cash cows (pun intended)!


I know a guy that runs two restaurants. Not sure if that is two franchises or if he runs two stores under one license.


As far as I know, Chick Fil A is the only franchise company that restricts owners to one store. From what I have heard (and I was in the business until I retired) they only charge a $25,000 franchise fee, they sell only to approved individuals, the owner must work in the store, owner does not accrue any equity or transferable rights (he cannot sell, transfer, give, or bequeath the store). Chick Fil A has a “corporate adviser” in each store paid by the store, and all stores must be closed on Sundays.

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Where’s the Chick Fil A going to be?


I’m not so sure about the one location ownership deal. I know for a fact that the guy who owns the shop in Pearland on 518 owns 2 locations. In fact, he’s one of the most successful franchisees in the entire CFA family. But I believe you’re correct about all the other stuff.

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On Highway 6 in front of Sienna Plantation.


They could have changed that since I last heard. That would be a good thing. Another good thing would to allow the “owners” to be able to leave the stores to their kids.

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I work with a lawyer whose primary focus is franchise law. CFA is not a typical franchise relationship, at all. You really are just “buying a job,” This article explains the unique nature of the CFA model pretty well, and answers questions raised by posters in this thread.


Looks like @Lawdog beat me to this post!

I agree. What your franchise fee gets you with CFA is a high paying job, not an investment opportunity. I work for Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation which is more of a true franchise experience. When you buy a CBA franchise, you own the equity in your business. Part of our sales process is explaining that, not only can it be a high paying job while you own the business, but it’s an asset you can build that can be sold when you get ready to retire. What’s the point of being completely responsible for running a business if you don’t actually own anything related to it except your salary? Of course, if it turns out to not be a good fit, I would imagine it would be much easier to get out of CFA since you don’t actually own anything that must be sold.


Awesome for him. Great guy.

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It is two. However he likely has to prove himself with one first.


That’s literally walking distance away from a Nola PoBoys which is co-owned by former Rice coach David Bailiff. Pretty funny that they’re sort of competing against each other again (although both should do great business).


If they’re smart, they’ll do some kind of promotion involving UH and Rice fanbases. I’m sure there are plenty of alums from both sides in the Sugar Land area.


It’s Missouri City technically. Maybe 1/2 mile west of the Fort Bend Tollway and Highway 6. But yes there are lots of Coogs and a few Owls in Sienna Plantation. And it’s not too far from Sugar Land really, although there are also Chik-Fil-A and NoLa Po-Boys in Sugar Land.

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I was in that Nola for lunch yesterday. Coach Ballif is there all the time. Great guy to talk to.

I asked him how different it was to be in the restaurant business. He said, “you know that look you get when you lose a game? It’s the same look if you get an order wrong.” :rofl::rofl:

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That’s awesome.

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There is already a Chick Fil A in Missouri City. Hopefully the new one will make the old one a little less busy.

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