Levine going into restaurant biz


Chuck-fil-a is a license to print money.

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I really like Levine, total class act. I wish things had of worked out for him because I felt like he would have been that guy who would have stayed long term.

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To be one from 20,0000 to be selected is very impressive. I wish him good luck in the next chapter of his life. He is still coaching just a different type. That’s all.


Tony Levine is a nice guy, and I wish him well. At the Penn State bowl game pep rally, in front of the Cotton Bowl, my 9 year old told him that he wanted to play for him, and asked if he’d still be the coach in 2020. He told the boy that he’d just be getting started in 2020. BTW, a couple of years earlier, he asked the same question of Sumlin, and got no response.


What about Herman :joy:

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He should have opened a Los Pollos Hermanos in town instead … Gus Fring’s fried chicken is supposedly the best in Texas and New Mexico … :sunglasses:


When herms arrived, the boy was 13, so he thought he was too cool to ask questions like that.


The boy knew hermroid was a fraud!