Levine talking


up Keenum and why he wasn’t drafted.

Tony Levine, a former Gophers wide receiver who coached at the University of Houston, said that pro scouts “tried to come up with every reason they could to ignore” Keenum’s college statistics and success.

(Cary) #2

Levine was a good dude.

(Mark Shapiro) #3

He still is.


A lot of good/positive comments about Case at the bottom of the article. Couldn’t all be happening to a more deserving/better guy.


It’s nice when good things happen to good people. So happy for that kid… he has some very thick skin and balls of steel. All with great humility.

I only watch Viking games because of Case… he carries the flag out with him.

(Ron Derrington) #6

CK is only reason I watch the NFL.


Levine is a prime example why character is more important than winning.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

You saying Levine should still be our head coach?

(JFH) #9

No… Please say it ain’t so…

(Cary) #10

Only if he could have detached himself from Bush. He hired Gibbs after all, so he was capable of hiring good coaches. If he could have hired a real OC in 2014, my guess is he would have been retained. He brought a lot… I mean a lot… of talent to Cullen Blvd.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

How was he stuck on Bush? Bush wasn’t even his first offensive coordinator. Levine spent his entire career as UH head coach without hiring anyone that had either played as a QB or coached the QB position. What kind of genius coach thinks QBs just figure out things for themselves?

(Cary) #12

He hired Nesbitt, who was fired after the first game - the Texas State debacle. He appointed Bush to be OC, who was abysmal, but apparently able to work with Levine, and Coogs went 5-7. Then, Levine brought in Meachum to take over play-calling and we promptly looked competent on the offensive side of the ball again. Coogs went 8-5. Meachum left for TCU, and here is the crux of the issue… After Bush had been ineffective as a play-caller two seasons prior, Levine appointed him OC again instead of finding another competent play-caller. This horrible decision resulted in the TDECU opening loss against UTSA. Despite finishing with a winning record, most agree that the offensive scheme was not the reason. It was the improvisation ability of Greg Ward.

And so, that is why people say Levine was stuck on Bush. He appointed him OC, not once (which could have been forgiven as Bush was a stop-gap in 2012), but twice with similar results both times.

(David) #13

Never understood this. If Bush was the guy for the job, you don’t go out and hire Meachum. And, if Bush was not the guy the first time around, how did he become the guy the second time? Thanks for re-opening that old scar… I am not disappointed that his firing led to the Peach Bowl season but I wanted Tony to do well. He just could not figure out his OC solution.


What is TL doing these days? Can we afford to have him come on, just to help with recruiting? After one cycle we’d see an immediate boost in overall talent. He was an ace when it came to evals.

(Ben B) #15

He is Co-OC for Purdue.

(Patrick) #16

Levine won’t return to UH, even if we wanted him.


I hope he gets a shot at a MAC job. If Dimmell can get another job Levine should.

(VancouverCOOG) #18

I don’t think he is HC material. I could be wrong but at least that’s my opinion.

He is overall a very good recruiter and an excellent ST coach.


I think Tony brought a lot to the table. He was horrible at creating coaching staffs.

(Chris) #20

What I want to know if why was he such a good recruiter for our area? Combine it with local ties our recruiting should must stronger than what it is today.