Lincoln Riley vs Kendall Briles


Over the past 5 years, these two guys have to be ranked among the Top 2 or 3 OC’s in the nation.

Riley’s teams have an average offensive ranking of #11 in the nation at 533 yards/game.

Briles’ teams have an average offensive ranking of #5 in the nation at 566 yards/game.

(Eric Prado) #2

Don’t you think that number is inflated by playing in the no defense big12?

(steve saxenian) #3

Eric has a good point. Only TCU plays good defense in that league


I think Kendall is going to take over FAU when Kiffen moves on. There is even some talk about Kendall to UTEP.

(Bryant Hargrave) #5

The conference helps inflate the stats very true. But talented minds are talented minds that transcends affiliations.


Eric, no I don’t think that matters all that much.

As evidence, this year’s OU team put up 490+ yards against a Top 10 ranked Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio.

And a couple of years ago, Baylor put up 583+ yards against a Top 10 ranked Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl game.

So recent Top 10 ranked and 10+ wins bowl teams from Ohio State and Michigan State are not thought of as members of a “no defense Big 10.”

(Eric Prado) #7

For fun and curiosity, how did they do against Todd Orlando?

(Brad) #8

It’s curious to see talk of Kendall going to a HC position. How much of his finger prints did we see at Baylor when his dad was probably calling a lot of the shots…and same thing under Kiffin. I’d first like to see what he could do under a Defense heavy HC like TCU or even CEO type like Sumlin.


One could argue, those two schools were not use to that sort of offense.


One could also argue that those two schools (even with great defenses) were simply unable to handle such wide open, spread-the-field, speed-based offenses.

Didn’t we just see Clemson use an explosive, wide open, spread offense to beat Alabama in the national championship game last year? I doubt anyone would seriously claim that Alabama is a no-defense team.