Linell Bonner leaves his mark at UH

(Patrick) #1

It was funny watching his HUDL video as it was basically just him making blocks. They were good blocks, but you don’t expect that from a WR video. Glad he ended up a Coog.

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“I guess I was one of those hidden talents that just didn’t get noticed in high school,” Bonner said. “I wouldn’t want it any other way. My dad always raised me to go get what you want. Earn it. If you don’t work, you’re not going to get it. I wouldn’t want it handed to me.”

When it came time to find a school, Bonner knew he would have to take the walk-on route. He was scheduled to go on a late visit to Prairie View A&M, but he eventually talked with former assistant Jamie Christian about a walk-on opportunity with the Cougars.

(Cary) #2

Blocking is an underrated talent amongst WRs. It helps that Bonner was able to make SC top10 catches on a regular basis.

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