Live Stream for Tonight?

I’ve looked on ESPN3 and You Tube but can’t find anything.

Found it:

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9-7 Catamount lead. About twice the crowd of last night. :slight_smile:

2 players on the roster from VT and a few from Indiana including brothers (#20 and #21). They are 5-1 with a 20+ point loss at Providence.

Coogs pulling away here late in the first half, lead 31-23 with around 3 minutes to go in the half.

37-26 COOGS at half.

Chicken and Kyle Meyer have 9, Dot has 8, Gray has 6.

Very nice closing of the half.

They look good; dont seem to get rattled.

Glad to see them playing well tonight; Vermont’s not a bad team.

45-41, COOGS with about 16 to go.

Vermont hitting some 3s to get back in this.

A little disappointed that Sampson waits until Vermont scores on 6 straight possessions including three 3 pointers before using a timeout.

55-49, 11:59 left.

Gray putting the team on his back, has 16

These guys don’t miss!

60-57, COOGS. Around 8 left.

64-63 Vermont leads, 4:46 left

Did anyone else lose their stream?

Is Dupree hurt? Why wouldn’t he put him in with the foul trouble for Davis and Chicken?

69-67 Vermont with 1:50 left

Sampson just doesn’t think he’s a rotation player.

This is not acceptable.

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