Looking ahead to next year

(Ryon Adams) #1


This was a great season! This last second lost hurt, but I had such a great time following the team.

That said…

What do you folks think that next year’s team will be like. We have some decent talent returning, but I am not entirely familiar with our new recruits and the transfers.

Could someone that has some good knowledge of what they are like post about them, and then describe what next year’s starting five will most likely look like? Also, how will the style of play change next season?

Please let me know!

(Jerrycoog) #2

New recruits are:

Nate Hinton 6’6 PG/SG from North Carolina
Antoine Davis 6’1 PG from Houston,Tx

2 transfers
DeJon Jarreau 6’5 from UMass was a top 100 player out of high school 2 years ago and will have 3 years eligibility

Brison Gresham 6’9 PF from UMass and was also a top 100 player 2 years ago.

(Ryon Adams) #3

OK. So what do you think next year’s starting lineup will look like, and what will the style of play be?

(Jerrycoog) #4

We want to get up and down the court. I think our starting 5 could look like this early, but could change based on who plays well.

We still want to do what we do which is hard nosed defense/rebounding and get out and run whenever we can so that shouldn’t change even with some new faces.

We should be able to matchup better on the wings with teams like UCinn next year with taller guards like Hinton/Jarreau in the 6’5-6’6 range on the wings, but Gresham in Sampsons words when he signed could be our best athlete next season.


Their will be competition for playing time and thats always a good thing its why we improved so much this year.

(Ricardo Montano) #6

I could see a starting lineup of
(I feel like Fabian has so much potential and that he can be another Devin Davis)


Next year, I look for:

Alley & Gresham to replace DDavis & Zanna in the frontcourt.
Jarreau & Hinton to replace Gray & Van Beck in the backcourt. And maybe ADavis if he’s physcially ready.

(Jerrycoog) #8

I totally forgot about Alley and coach is really high on his future too.


Oh yea this year was the start of going back to being the dominant team in a conference. Get ready for the ride because we are going to be very good next year.

(Ryon Adams) #10

I sure hope that you guys are right.

Gray and DDavis seem like some pretty big shoes to fill.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

thats why having brooks and f. white get minutes behind them was huge for their development. now they both will most likely be starters and i expect them to be very productive for us. Our scoring will be more balanced next season.


Could have said the same for Dotson and this season. And now these guys have tourney experience. We will be scary good.


Isnt Valentine a senior? Thought he graduated…

If he doesn’t come back… can we possibly add a grad transfer… Nura Zanna was a good addition…


medical redshirt…but he is likey still leaving


Man, we could very well be back next season! :slight_smile:

(Drew) #16

Alley is about the same size as Zanna but maybe not quite as thick. He was injured early on and was redshirted since he missed so much time. Still, he was Mr. basketball in Texas and led Klein Forest to a title. I expect to see him on the court next season.

The two transfers from UMass will likely start next year, although once again we’ll have a lot of depth so it doesn’t matter if they come off the bench or start. Jerreau is an athletic 6’5” pg that can get to the rack and play above the rim. The other kid goes 6’9” and is more of a rebounder and shot blocker then a scorer. This is where I like to see Sampson bring in another forward to play down low to defend against taller teams.

The kid I’m really excited about is Nate Hinton. He’s 6’6” and can play either guard position. It’s been along time since we had guard, particularly the point guard, with that type of length. This kid is a player.

Antione Davis is small-ish but he’s known as a good shooter. He needs to add muscle and get stronger but if he can shoot then he has a chance to see minutes next year. It’ll be interesting to see where he fits into the rotation. He’s a coaches son so he has high basketball IQ. Average 23 ppg and Sampson was quoted as saying he thought Davis was the best pure shooter in the state of Texas. We’ll see.

Add these guys to the returning players and I think we can be pretty good next year. Davis Jr was outstanding in my opinion, especially considering he was a JC transfer. Usually it takes JC players a while to get acclimated but he seemed to make a smoothless transition to get acclimated really fast and knocked down almost 45% from on 3’s. Plus, he was a lockdown defender. Fabian White showed flashes of being a good basketball player but at times played like a true freshman. Hopefully he has a good offseason and gets stronger. Brady looked good at times, too, but was foul prone. Another JC guy. I look for him to be better now that he’s had a year to get acclimated to Division I speed.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it if one or two players left the program so we could add another big.


our next years team will be deep… but i think our players have to improve

key returners

new additions (with short description)

  • alley jr 6’5/6’6 position-less (can play any position from 2 to 4, extremely good shooter, mr basketball for Texas)
  • jerreau (top 60 4star 6’6 pg…top level scorer)
  • Hinton (top 100 4star 6’5 combo guard…high motor on offense and defense emotionally charged player)
  • brison (4 star/3star 6’9 PF. great rebounder and shoot blocker )
  • Davis (high 3 star. 6’0 combo guard. undersized but argues as one of the best 3pt shooter in the state)

this is a deep team but a lot has to happen this offseason

  • teams that rely on the 3 dont get very far. no one on the roster can do what rob did…score from anywhere on the court
  • galen has to improve his shot- not even becuae we need but for any chance at a pro career
  • corey has to learn to finish at the rim, he isnt a very good driver
  • armoni has to work on his handles, spot shooting will only get you so far
  • fabian- learn to stop fouling, work on his mid range shot, remove the small mistakes
  • breon- learn to stop fouling as much
  • harris- get a post move or too, keep gaining muscle. get viable enough for 15 mins a game

new players

  • jerraeu high level scorer who was horrible from the 3, he was doing 10pt game as a freshman (which is amazing) but shot 24% from 3 (horrific)…but scary to think what his numbers would have been if he has a decent 3…he needs to improve his 3…
  • Brison - finding scoring potential in some manner, mid range shot or post skills…
  • freshmen need to add muscles especially davis…big guards are going to body him at 150lbs

overall we could actually be a better defensive team next year, we place rob who is 6’1 and put in someone who is atleast 6’4… and hinton is actually known for aggressive D…
we could be “technically” better on offense because we will likely load up on 3s on bad teams…but be actually worse as there is no one to provide versatile scoring versus good teams who will take away the 3 if no one steps up and improves .

(Drew) #18

Good analysis. It’s unknown what the newcomers will do but I see Jerreau as a playmaker and scorer, a guy that can get into the lane for dish and slash to the bucket for an easy duce. That’s something I saw from the Michigan guards last night. They didn’t have a lot of shooters but taller wing-type guards that could get to rim. If he can do that, then he can also find someone open for a 3, and we’ll have Davis Jr, Brooks, and Antoine to knock down the open shots. And, if Hinton can step on and play at a high level then we could have a 1, 2, 3 punch with the scoring. The bigs will have limited roles as usual.

Lots of question marks for next year with all the newcomers but we have key pieces returning to make this a formidable team if the new guys can step up. If Alley plays well we could be really good.


i think our bigs could play big roles…
breaon is very good in the paint, he was doing 20 in the first half of the temple game…
when breon was injured fabian was averaging a double double…

devin wasn’t that good when he got here, his improvement from last year to this year was impense… a similar jump from fabian is possible … i could see him averaging 12pts, 9rbs next year


What will be great is we could play a lineup of 6’1" Davis/Robinson, 6’5" Jarreau, 6’6" Hinton, 6’8" White, 6’9" Gresham, all athletic and can play the style of defense we want to play.


Before this season even started, CKS was already talking about how good we are gonna be NEXT season… If we got to the 2nd round… hell, we were headed to the 3rd round. Just think about what CKS can do with an even better, taller, and more experienced squad.

I’m super excited. I’m a lot more sad for Devin than I am for last nights loss. I really hope his future is bright.