Looking for a new vehicle?

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Too much for dummy and replica guns. If I’m spending half a million on a tank, it will damn sure be usable. Would love to see the look on a banker’s face when you go in asking for a loan to buy a tank.

Yeah, but does it have airbags and anti-lock treads? Safety first.


Tony Buzbee on line 1…


Gas mileage?

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Anyone see this documentary “Tread”? About a guy who spent a year building his own tank over a zoning/land dispute in his town? And then went on the mother of all rampages in said tank? It was all over the news. It’s fascinating… and he filmed himself doing it! In case anyone doubts… yes this guy had some…ummm… issues.


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If it doesn’t have AC…no thanks.

Portland…thanks…I will check it out.

If you have to ask, you cannot afford it . . . . .

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Does it come in anything other than camouflage, I want to show off not hide.

Repaint it red and white.

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