Looks like one & done is on the way out

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(PMM) #2

Should do it like baseball and football.

(Patrick) #3

Yep. If guys to college, they should have to stay two years at least

(PMM) #4

I think it is 3 in both sports, but not sure …

(Patrick) #5

It is. 2 if a player goes to JUCO in baseball.

I’ve seen where quite a few of the coaches, including CKS, have been advocating for 2 in basketball. I’d prefer 3, but 2 is better than what we have now

(Mike Higdon) #6

I think any player who graduates from high school or is 18 should be allowed to work in the NFL if he is good enough. The charade of going to college for a year, 2 or 3 just doing enough to stay eligible is a sham and deprives kids that really want to be student-athletes. What other trade prohibits young men a chance to make a living? Not everyone is really college material and it wouldn’t bother me to see the college sports become true college teams instead of the quazi-pro system they have now.

(PMM) #7

Sounds constitutional; however, didn’t the courts rule in the case of Maurice Clarett (sp) (super freshman running back at Ohio State a few years back) that the NFL is a business and can set its’ own rules of employment ??

While I do not remember the particulars, I believe he lost and in fact never played in the NFL.

Whether this falls under age discrimination or not, I will let the legal guys on the board chime in.

IHMO, extremely few guys are ready both physically or mentally for life in the NBA or NFL.

Whether they should be given a chance or not is not my problem. However, I do think that the teams have the right to say no.

(Patrick) #8

Basically, the initial judge ruled in favor of Clarett, but it was denied on appeal. Clarett’s lawyer tried to make an antitrust claim against the league, but, because the league and the players collectively bargain their rules, they’re allowed to enact rules that may normally not be allowed (in this case, the age restriction).

The NBA then used this decision to collectively bargain their own age restriction in 2005 which is when we got the current system we have now.

(Trent) #9

Military pilots, architects, engineers, lawyers, and doctors have to go to college first.

(Brad) #10

Yes, but the age restrictions, if there are any, are not as strict. I don’t care, but just saying.

(PMM) #11

I don’t know any of those professions that were obtained at age 18.

As to the NBA and NFL, I don’t care either.

In fact, if they enacted the rule for the NBA like the NFL & MLB have, it would bode well for the college game IMHO.

That is why I like it as I don’t give a damn for pro sports.

(Brad) #12

Again, I really don’t care that the NFL/NBA/MLB put age restrictions in place. I don’t think the MLB really cares…the NFL should put them in for the safety of the individuals.

(PMM) #13

Antidotal…and I wouldn’t let him touch my eyes !!!

(Butch) #14

The NBA is losing its popularity much like the NFL, so I could care less what they do concerning kids entering their drafts. I do know this, there are not many LaBron James’ graduating from high school these days, so it will be the NBA taking he big gamble.
As far as football goes I don’t think many, if any high school grads are ready for that just yet. But once again, many of those kids have no business going to college anyways. Let the NFL subsidize another farm system.
I don’t care if we play with a bunch of frat boys, the Cougars will always be my team to root for…

(Patrick) #15

Actually, the NBA is gaining in popularity with a lot of that due to the growing popularity of basketball internationally. I do agree that there aren’t many Lebron James types coming out of high school, there are some that could probably play in the NBA immediately in lesser roles.

Honestly though, colleges shouldn’t be a farm system for the professional leagues. The NBA has set up a G League and should use that to bring high school graduates that don’t want to go to college…maybe set up something along the lines of a “GI Bill” as the military has to allow them to have money to go to college once their careers are over or while they’re playing. That’s basically what baseball does when drafting players out of high school. Those that do want to go to college can do so, but have to stay at least 3 years (2 for JUCO) just as they do in baseball.

And the NFL makes tons of money and should do the same. Reason they don’t is because the blue bloods don’t want them to do that as it will level the playing field even more in college football.

(Ben B) #16

Baseball system has it done right.

(Butch) #17

I probably should have been more to the point when it comes to NBA popularity…in America it has definitely lost a lot of its popularity. Like the NFL, too many of the stars have become way too vocal and turned off many Americans and their ratings show it…
As far as colleges being farm systems for the pros that is the way it has always been. But like I said before it would not bother me at all if pro basketball and football start and paid for their own farm systems like baseball does.